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Top 10 Gelato in Roma: My Personal Choice
Sweet Tooth

After indulging in Milan's favorite gelatarias, I planned a trip to Rome to see how the capital of this most famous culinary country compares. The world talks about ice cream but Italy calls it 'gelato'. Soft, airy and lightly creamy; no one makes gelato better than the Italians. Not having the time to grab my phone, I focused on taking photos then combined my discoveries in the post below. It's impossible to try them all...so just follow tips from the net or simply follow your nose, as sometimes you end up spotting a small artisanal gelateria serving homey creations the giants couldn't match.


Below is a list of the ones I've tried and the ones I recommend. Neve di latte and Lemongrass are two I recommend, very tasty and innovative. Icaruso and Gelato Di San Crispino are outstanding and probably my favorite during this trip. Venchi is commercial but good, the chocolate specialist has some great chocolate flavors. I don't even remember Don Nino, enjoyed the Gelato shop at the Fountain and would ask you to avoid Lindt!

  • Neve di latte: the ice cream feels homemade, the portion is generous, the flavors are rich and innovative. The place itself is neat and clean.


  • Lemongrass: amazing! Simply amazing! The flavors, the aromas, the colors! Exceptionally good, the wild forest and black cherry can't be missed. The ice cream contains alcohol and it works perfectly.


  • Fatamorgana: overrated. Couldn't taste anything much. Dozens of flavors - none of which I can remember tasting - and small portions.


  • Venchi: chocolate all the way as well as the fruit selection which is as good. A famous national chain worth waiting in line for.


  • Lindt: bad! Too creamy, too milky, too sweet. Keep this gelato for the Swiss.
  • Gelato on the Trevi Fountain: without a name, but with a blue logo, too touristy, but it sells good quality gelato.
  • Icaruso: homemade and handmade, lost on a small street, i discovered this gelateria by mistake and I'm happy I did so. They have an interesting selection of tasty offerings and a thick whipped cream I enjoyed.


  • Il Gelato Di San Crispino: waw! The best! It is just the best.


  • Don Nino Cafe: like any gelato around town. It's good enough.


When visiting Rome, don't worry about asking your friends for where to go. It's like recommending a manousheh in Lebanon... there are thousands! Instead, roam the streets freely and stop at every gelataria you feel is worth trying. You might discover the next big thing.

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