March 20, 2021

Top 5 Thrilling Destinations During Spring

Spring is in the air, and there’s no better time to explore a new place! There’s nothing better than experiencing the diverse culture, food, and hidden treasures that the world has to offer. 

Here are our top 5 thrilling destinations you should visit during spring. 

Morzine, France 

One of the best times to visit Morzine, France is when the snow has melted. The valleys are transformed into lush green grasses and wildflowers. What better environment to take a biking or hiking trip? 

You won’t be short of options, as there are more than a hundred trails you can take. Starting with Point de Nyon will give you fantastic views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. 

Take a trip into town on a Wednesday to Carrefour and enjoy the market’s fresh fruit, vegetables, meats and different cheeses. 

Looking for more adventure? Book a tandem paragliding experience with Manawa. Go river rafting, hydrospeeding, canyoning or rock climbing with specialized guide companies. 

Beirut, Lebanon 

Beirut should be on everyone’s bucket list. It’s rich in history with new archaeological discoveries constantly being made, like the recent uncovering of a 2, 600 year old wine factory. 

There’s also something for nature lovers: Jeita Grotto. The interconnected limestone caves will leave you breathless. Take the cable car to the top before heading to the boat that will take you on the waterway underground. 

Lebanon also has a history with fishing, and you can take your baitcasting reel with you. Head to Dbayeh Marina, where you can catch two-banded sea bream, plain bonito or spotted seabass. 

After a day of exploring, head to Ana Beirut where you can try traditional Lebanese food, but with a twist. 

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia 

Visiting Plitvice lakes will be well worth the trip when you lay eyes on the gorgeous turquoise waters and waterfalls. There are 7 different hiking trails you can take that lead you through the 16 interconnected lakes. 

Aside from the breathtaking views, you’ll have the opportunity to spot some of the rarest animals, like the Lynx lynx—Eurasian lynx. If you’re really lucky, you’ll see one of the rarest butterflies in the world, the Alcon large blue. 

Plitvice Lakes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to a variety of rare species. 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

There’s so much to do in Amsterdam! Take a walk or cycle through the Keukenhof Gardens, which are lined with tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. 

If you’re an art lover, head to the Van Gogh museum for a private tour of his artwork. Plan your trip in late April, where you can celebrate King's Day by dressing up in orange and joining the street party. 

If you’re there in May, head down to Vondelpark Open Air Theatre. There’s a variety of performances including stand-up comedy, music and dance for your enjoyment. 

Take a slow day and fish the North Sea Canal for perch, pike, seabass or zander. 

Kyoto, Japan 

Tokyo may be the most well-known destination in Japan, but for an amazing spring experience head to Kyoto. Here you can visit some of the oldest temples in Japan, like the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. 

Dotted throughout the city are eye-catching shrines of Japan’s oldest religion, Shinto. Two of the most popular shrines are Yasaka Jinja and Fushimi Inari Taisha. 

Ninja enthusiasts, head down to Nijo Castle and walk the halls of the Tokugawa Shoguns, who ruled over Japan for more than 250 years. 

Plan your trip from mid-March to mid-April to see the cherry blossoms. These flowers can be found around the world, but in Japanese culture, they’re especially symbolic. The fleeting nature of these blossoms remind us of how short life is. 

Photo by Jace & Afsoon on Unsplash

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