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Amsterdam Top 10 Food Discoveries

From its earliest days, Amsterdam has been a bustling hub of commerce that welcomed other cultures with open arms. Check out my Top 10 eats in this lovely canal-side city, including the rich history and development of its tolerant society. From its humble beginnings as a 13th-century fishing village on a river bed to its current role as a major hub for business, tourism, and culture, Amsterdam has had a strong tradition as a center of culture and commerce. (Iamsterdam)

Envy: Classy and Fine Dining in Amsterdam

Envy... for the green logo, the industrial space, the superb decor, the long wooden tables, the pending silver lamps with yellow lights, the high stools, the set of tables, the sexy lighting and the beautifully lit fridges used as decorative items. Envy is one of Amsterdam’s most envied restaurants recommended by the Guide Michelin for more than five years in a row. Envy is also one of "Trip Advisors" and "Booking.com" favorites.


Stroopwaffle at Hans Egstorf in Amsterdam

One of the major things to eat when visiting Amsterdam is the circular waffle called Stroopwaffle. A round shaped, very thin waffle is cut in the middle and spread with creamy caramel syrup then lightly toasted in the oven. A lady, facing the glass on a busy street in Amsterdam prepares one Stroopwaffle at a time. 


Greenwoods: English Breakfast in Amsterdam

Located underground by the canal, Greenwoods serves English breakfast all day until four in the afternoon. Renowned for its tasty bites, Greenwoods is highly ranked on social media. Take the wooden stairs and reach a room looking like an old house cave. Decorated with portraits and photos of Amsterdam on one side and a mirror on the other. The kitchen is located on the first floor. 


Lombardo’s Burgers Amsterdam

The burger place, considered by many to be the best, Lombardo cooks premium quality patties, creating a different kind of burgers you would want to try when visiting the Dutch capital. Big sized burgers made of a Frenchy bun, a thick pure beef patty, and several other locally sourced ingredients. 


De Bakkerswinkel Bakery Amsterdam

Loaded and fresh sandwiches, flaky croissants, a dark chocolate cake and a black coffee... a small homey bakery serves breakfast and lunch every day until 5 pm. You feel at home, enchanted with fresh aromas, the bakery is good for a morning breakfast on your way to work. 


RED; Tournedos and Lobster in Amsterdam

Part of many Top10 lists, RED is the reference when it comes to meat and lobster. This place is on the list of the most booked restaurant on OpenTable. Searching for a unique dining experience on my last night in Amsterdam, I ended up having a mix of seafood and beef at RED. A lovely place, one big room decorated with mirrors and a large painting on the ceiling. Unfortunately, food is way below average.


Breakfast at De L’Europe hotel Amterdam

Starting my day on the canal in Amsterdam, seated by the window and enjoying a luxurious breakfast, I wished time stopped. Fresh bread, French cheese, hot coffee and amazing eggs Benedict, the experience was memorable from start to end. Spending the week at De L’Europe hotel, I discovered Amsterdam from its heart out, at walking minutes from the red light district, “IAmsterdam” sign and the museums.


A Unique Addition to Culinary Amsterdam: the International Indoor Street Food Market the ‘Foodhallen’

The ‘Foodhallen’ opened in ‘De Hallen Amsterdam’ – a newly renovated tram depot – in October 2014. The concept was inspired by indoor food markets like the ‘Torvehallerne’ in Copenhagen, ‘Mercado de San Miguel’ in Madrid and the ‘Borough Market’ in London. Wander around in the large loft-like space of the ‘Foodhallen’ and discover the very best “culinary Amsterdam” has to offer. Various hospitality concepts will serve a selection of small (signature) dishes for locals and tourists to enjoy. With over 20 different stalls, varying from Michelin star concepts to international ‘streetfoods’, the Amsterdam ‘Foodhallen’ is an international foodie-hotspot like no other.


Omelegg: The Eggs Experts in Amsterdam

In a busy place, loaded with customers and handled by two waitresses, arrive at an all-day breakfast place that doesn’t care to pamper its customers since anyway, Amsterdam is the city of tourists. I chose a small side table for two and promised to order for four persons, but in vain, I was moved to an even smaller table!


Bluespoon at Andaz Hotel Amsterdam

The experience starts way before you reach the restaurant while walking through the lobby of Andaz, a classy and modern hotel located in the heart of Amsterdam. Bluespoon welcomes you for a quick lunch menu or a casual dinner proposing a selection of international dishes prepared in a three menu course concept. 


Hey Terras: Diner on the Canale in Amsterdam

By the water, enjoying the passing boats, I sat for dinner at De L’Europe hotel in Amsterdam. Fully booked that night, I could barely find a table. On the menu, a selection of gourmet choices of fish and meat. A head waiter serves the wine and takes the orders by heart, waiters walking around in a hurry... an enjoyable ambiance but not enough staff to handle this busy restaurant.


Incanto: A Fine Italian in Amsterdam

Facing the famous De L’Europe hotel, Incanto is an Italian restaurant that opens for lunch and dinner. Located on the first floor with a view of the canal and busy streets, the restaurant proposes a romantic and classy setup with nine windows to discover the surroundings. White tablecloth, a wooden floor, a bar and a dining table, the restaurant feels French with Italian Influences. I loved the upper area where a group of eight can dine privately.






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