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10 Favorite Spots: Where to Stay and Eat in London

London... An iconic city, majestic if I may say, where class and luxury await, the city of charm and history. I've been to London five times already searching for the best food destinations and unforgettable discoveries... Below is a list of spots I like.

Coya: A Music for the Palate

With a modern Peruvian restaurant at the centre of Coya’s culture, chefs will entertain as food is prepared in one of three open kitchens; the Ceviche Bar, the Open Charcoal Grill and the Central Kitchen. The menu at Coya keeps traditional elements of Peruvian cooking alive while creating a contemporary cuisine for a modern London clientele.


Ralph Lauren Cafe: My Dream Corner in London!

London now enjoys a new Ralph Lauren cafe. Following the success of the New York café, Ralph Lauren spreads its brand 'Ralph’s Coffee and Bar' next to the Polo European flagship store on Regent Street in London. This will be the fourth dining venture from the brand which already has cafes in New York, Chicago and Paris. Lauren called the space a “natural extension of the heritage of Polo, that will add yet another dimension to the worlds we create.” The new space draws inspiration from both The Polo Bar and Ralph’s Coffee in Manhattan, with an equestrian theme demonstrated by saddle leather banquettes, a brass-topped bar and dark wood paneling, green billiard cloth covered walls and equestrian-themed artwork.


Zuma: One of London's Finest

Zuma is an experience of its own. Some say it's the best restaurant in London, others love to come here for a drink while appreciating the finesse and skill put into every single creation. Yes indeed, Zuma is breathtaking.   The day before, we were at Coya, a restaurant by Zuma, and it was superb, so how about visiting the Zuma itself? A few years back, I remember the unique experience I had in Dubai at Zuma and since then I’ve been waiting to visit again, or to try the original venue in London.


Ham Yard; I Found my Home in London... An Outstanding Hotel!

I felt astonished and amazed the first second I set foot at the Ham Yard Hotel London. The beautiful decor transports you from one dimension to another as you walk through the different rooms. Next to the reception is a typical English library with thousands of books to decorate it and an individual kitchen to cater for it, long corridors of a hundred colors, a terrace, a bar and the restaurant with its open kitchen. A beautiful decor.


Brew: A Recommended Breakfast in London

Brew has breakfast, lunch and desserts with some Turkish specialties here and there. Breakfast has 20 different choices. Eggs of all kinds, Benedict and florentine, the famous chorizo, pancakes, toasted croissants, pan-fried mushrooms and smokey Boston beans among others.


Balthazar: The Superb French Breakfast Place

Balthazar, located in the heart of Covent Garden, is a magical space indeed. It’s a warm space, with rugged mirrors covering all the walls, red leather sofas, wooden round and square tables, metal poles separating the tables… a big bar with a huge façade of the bottles … food display, a variety of bread display… Balthazar is something to see…


Dark Sugars Cocoa House: It's About One Unique Chocolate Shop

It's the wooden floor, the trees used as tables, the truffles presented in wooden bowls naturally left to look like trees, the yellow lighting the hundreds of unique and innovative combinations like the liquid sea salt. The place also has a small kitchen to prepare crepes and a saloon for tastings and discussions.


Hook: The Day I Fell in Love with Fish&Chips

Spotted on the net as one of London's best Fish&Chips restaurants, Hook is located in Camden Town and open all week. Fish&Chips is what they do, served with sides and sauces. This place stared in 2011 in Dublin elevating a common popular food from a simple dish to a high end one.


Story Deli: The Pizza with a Soul

It's the world we're living in, the world of beautiful things and wondrous people, it's a beautiful life and I'm enjoying every single second of it... I'm even more satisfied confirming the magic of life when I meet people like Lee, owner of Story Deli, winner of the world's best pizza.


Maitre Choux: Their Eclairs are Wondrous Masterpieces

Eclairs like you've never seen before, choux with a crunchy sugar envelope and the heart of melting aromatic flavorful cream. It's the place where every eclair is branded with the logo, with flavors that will activate all your senses, eclairs where textures are focused on and taste is taken a step further.


My Favorite English Breakfast at The Hawksmoor

More like a kingdom of restaurants, the Hawksmoor and its half a dozen huge restaurants around London promises to amaze you. I thought the one on Air Street next to Regent's Crescent was the biggest, but wait until you walk down the stairs of their Guildhall location.


I Feel Good at The Hoxton Hotel, London

There' nothing quite like the vibe this hotel gives off... Busy during the day, filled with happily dancing people during the night, and some tiny fun details... make The Hoxton a hotel you should want to try.


Honest Burgers: They're Honestly Flavorful and Tasty

Honestly, this is the most relaxing place I've been to this morning. Honest Burgers is a large space under a low ceiling filled with high tables on concrete floor. Green is the main color, its a certain light rugged green that's relaxing.


Bleecker St.: The Award Winner Black Pudding Burger

Part of the Old Spitalfields permanent market, a one door shop, or more of an open kitchen, sells burgers. A choice of six burgers, of which the black pudding is the most famous. Aromas and wonderful scents are all over the place and it seems that people just love how things go over there.  The burger is presented in a carton box. Open it to discover a sandwich cut in half. The bun, two slices of meat and in the middle a layer of a black - that's the black pudding. 


The Impressive Mondrian Hotel, at Sea Containers London

Seductive and striking, Mondrian London at Sea Containers brings a bold new energy to London, blending the style and sophistication of the boutique brand with Southbank's eclectic vibe. Situated on the banks of the River Thames in the famed Sea Containers building, Mondrian London uniquely offers river view balcony suites directly on the Thames. The hotel captures the essence of the original building, exuding 1920s cruise ship glamour integrated with the modern twists and sophisticated design for which the Mondrian brand is known. 


Smack Deli: Delicious Lobsters Sandwiches on the Go

We tend to think of a "fine restaurant" when we say lobsters but that's not the case in London. Three lobster shops have already opened and others are on the way, taking the city by storm. Smack Deli is not a fine diner, but a very casual fast food shop selling fine, delicate bites.


Devouring Great Burgers in London: Brgr.Co Chelsea

Let the action begin... As the staff grilled one patty after another the line was building up outside the door. “A 6oz with cheese and another 8oz medium, come on guys, move it!” The atmosphere was electric. The potatoes frying, the onion rings splashing into the hot oil... Welcome to the heart of the action.


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