October 28, 2022

Top 8 Hiking Spots for You to Enjoy the Next Vacation

North America and Europe have hundreds of hiking trails that offer varying amounts of challenges to hikers. From the Rocky Mountains to the Alps, you can enjoy your next month-long vacation on hiking trails. They either require extensive physical strength or are as easy as strolling the park. 

Here are 8 such hiking spots that you need to add to your bucket list for the next vacation. 

  1. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, a hiker's paradise, offers an unparalleled backcountry experience. That makes it the ideal summer holiday destination for explorers and families.

There are 25 glaciers in Glacier National Park, which was founded in 1910 and spans above one million acres of land. These glaciers move as a result of thawing and melting.

Many locations in Glacier National Park attract hikers. The main attraction of Glacier National Park is the 50-mile "Going-to-the-Sun Road." It offers some of Montana's most breathtaking views. Only accessible by dirt road, North Fork offers stunning views of a few of the park's numerous lakes. Bordering the US and Canada, Goat Haunt is a calm and isolated place.

  1. Yosemite National Park

One of the earliest national parks in the United States is Yosemite National Park, which was established in 1890. The park is situated on the western side of the Sierra Nevada mountains in central-eastern California. It covers almost 1,200 square miles and is a geological paradise rich in ecological diversity. Yosemite attracts more than 3 million tourists and hikers a year to witness its magnificence. 

Half Dome, a granite rock that towers approximately 5,000 feet above the valley floor, is the most recognizable feature in Yosemite. It appears to be a massive granite sphere with its Northwestern quarter gone and a steep vertical plunge in its center. The interplay between glaciers and the underlying rocks is what gave Half Dome its distinctive form.

  1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is the grandest and oldest national park in the US. It has the highest density of hydrothermal elements in the whole globe. Although primarily located in northwest Wyoming, a smaller portion is in Montana and eastern Idaho.

Yellowstone National Park is a haven for hiking enthusiasts with its stunning peaks and clear lakes. Hot springs are surrounded by colorful pools and erratic geysers shooting torrents of steaming water into the air. 

It's understandable why everyone thought John Colter was exaggerating when he first reported Yellowstone's geothermal oddities in 1807. With so much untouched natural beauty, there is no denying the park's exceptional beauty and grandness.

  1. Tour du Mont Blanc

The 170 kilometers (106 miles) long Tour du Mont Blanc is a well-known hiking route in Europe. It passes through Italy, Switzerland, and France. The Mont Blanc Track is a reasonably approachable trail for anyone in decent health. 

It also passes through one of the world's most remarkable and stunning mountains. The trek is also a foodie's paradise since it gives you the chance to try various delicacies in towns and villages across three nations. Many hikers have the Tour de Mont Blanc on their bucket list, and for good reason.

The Tour du Mont Blanc hike provides a unique experience in Europe due to the breathtaking scenery, open track, and personalized experience.

  1. Corsica GR20 Trail

Off the southern french coast on Corsica island is where the GR20 hike takes place. Worldwide hiking and trekking guides have termed it the "hardest hike in Europe."

This rating is appropriate since the continuous considerable elevation gains and decreases make for a strenuous walk. 

But don't let it deter you from hiking the GR20. You should be alright as long as you are in decent hiking form and are aware of your surroundings when exposed to heights and ledges. In general, adverse weather in the upper mountains is the trail's main threat.

  1. Cinque Terre

There are 48 hiking paths totaling more than 120 kilometers around the Cinque Terre coast in Italy.

The National Park of the Cinque Terre is free to enter. Only the two best-known trails—from Vernazza to Corniglia and Monterosso to Vernazza —require a special ticket, the Cinque Terre Card. The rest are all cost-free. All hiking routes are cost-free from November until the end of March. Each trek is possible in both directions.

If you take the hike from Vernazza to Monterosso, the terrain is simpler and has fewer stairs. The walk starts out with a steep staircase if you begin in Monterosso, but you'll get fantastic views of Vernazza as you go.

  1. Grand Canyon

Grand is an inadequate description of this canyon. Around 277 river miles long, the Grand Canyon has grown with the power of the Colorado River for 6 million years. For ages, visitors from all over the world have come to take in its magnificent beauty.

However, if you're looking for a remote getaway in Nature, you must be prepared for a ton of people at the Grand Canyon. Visitors and hikers often choose the South Rim, which is home to Grand Canyon Village and the well-traveled Bright Angel Trail.

  1. Zion National Park

Zion, the first national park in Utah, is a well-liked summer vacation destination for families and hikers. It provides camping, backpacking, and other opportunities.

Zion National Park is a handy pit break for travelers to Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, or Grand Canyon National Park. It is located in the southwest part of Utah close to the Nevada and Arizona borders.

An enormous canyon is the park's main attraction. With a depth of around 2,000 feet, Zion Canyon provides trekking chances along its base in The Narrows. It’s a 20 to 30-foot wide region. Moreover, The Subway is a challenging region. You also can swim across the Virgin river. 

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, these 8 hiking spots will keep you busy the next vacation. If you’re a solo hiker, consider the Tour du mont Blanc, Grand Canyon, and Glacier National Park tours. However, if your hiking interests match your family’s, consider taking them to Yosemite or Yellowstone. For a more leisurely walk, consider Cinque Terre.

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