February 26, 2012 Prague Czech Republic Europe

U Sadlu Restaurant, Prague Czech Republic
Out with the Guys

A great place for a younger crowd, since the alcohol deals are student friendly and the atmosphere is fun and spunky. When you eye the place from the street view, it doesn't look like attractive. There’s a wooden door, a long corridor, yellow lights, and at the end, another door that  that leads you underground.  After you enter, you'll know that you have started a nice journey. A couple of stairs and you reach an old, mythical and medieval place. The restaurant is built from 4 different rooms with a high ceiling and yellow walls, decorated by old medieval sculptures and armors. Back to all my reviews about Prague, the waiters are not friendly, but in this restaurant the positive part is that they have a French waiter that can be of help since the locals' English is bizarre and sometimes not understandable. We ordered of couple of beers and started reading the huge menu. There is a large selection of traditional food: we chose as a starter plate, two traditional bites: selection of typical Czech dishes, including the Roasted Duck, Roasted Marinated Ribs, Pork Knuckle Roasted in Caraway, Red and White Cabbage, Spinach, Speck, Potato and White Bread Dumplings.

As a main dish we had another traditional dish: SKEWER made from three kinds of meat, pork loin, beef sirloin, turkey, mushrooms, zucchini, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers. Usually in restaurants butter is served with bread, at U Sadlu, you get pork fat in a jar! The ambiance was great; we had so much fun and drank 3 mugs of beer each. The decorations takes you back to old times and you feel like enjoying your time. You get beers, shots and plenty of food all for $25 per person. The food was very nice, tasty, lots of sauce, different colors, and different mixture of flavors. We all dug into the same plates with our forks while laughing and drinking. It is definitely not a Michelin restaurant but surely a place where you will enjoy your time with friends, eating and enjoying the traditions of the Czech Republic. I would recommend that place more for youngsters. PS:  the portions are huge.


Suitable For: Out with the Guys





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