February 27, 2014

World Cup 2014: Capture a 'Moment of Happiness' for Coca-Cola

Make history with Coca-Cola by submitting a 10-15 second video clip inspired by 'Moments of Happiness' for the chance to be featured within the global music video for Coca-Cola's 2014 World's Cup Anthem 'The World Is Ours' by David Correy. Football is a victory the world shares, a beautiful game uniting different cultures and backgrounds. The aim of the music video is to capture 'Moments of Happiness' that resonate across the world inspired by real moments and stories.


David Correy is a Brazilian/American singer/songwriter. David, together with Brazilian percussion troupe Monobloco recorded 'The World Is Ours' for Coca-Cola’s “World’s Cup” 2014 campaign a song that celebrates positivity, inclusiveness and the world’s shared love of football! What you should do?
The moment is yours – being picked for the team, scoring a goal that wins the game, a child’s first step, graduating with honors, getting the job of your dreams, getting the girl, taking a roadtrip with friends, dancing 'til dawn at a festival, your first gig, watching the stars, an unexpected compliment, running through a summer storm or a cold Coca-Cola on a hot day. Coca-Cola are looking for moments that unite us and move us, that celebrate us. ‘The World is Ours’ and it's your moment to shine. The official page of the competition reads that a minimum of 20 video clips will be selected. The footage will be used to craft a global music video that will be released in April 2014. Three works, selected by the jury, will receive full credit and rewards of $1,000. The enty that generates most public votes will receive $1,000. Good luck!
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