February 17, 2020

Your small guide for a quality travel to Tbilisi and Batumi

If you are traveling throughout mountainous Georgia- a new trending travel destination in Caucasus, you might wonder where exactly to head and where to start your journey from. Surely, as before any other travel, one needs to do a small research to find out what exactly interests them in a new country. Georgia is a post-soviet country located in the midst of Europe and Asia, bounded by the West by the Black Sea. Therefore, if marking it as your next travel destination you might need to find out what specifically you expect from it- beautiful buildings of socialist architecture, having a passive rest on the beach, discovering specific features of the culture or hiking along with the country’s gorgeous nature?

In case you wonder where to start your new adventure from, here are some suggestions of what to do and the places to visit in Georgia:


First and foremost, visit the country’s capital and largest city- Tbilisi. In fact, in order to discover the city to the full, you might consider renting a car in Tbilisi to make the most of your time.


  1. If you are an architecture enthusiast, you will find the city extremely fascinating. Not only socialist architecture has left its marks here, but also, there are beautiful buildings of old Tbilisi with unique balconies and courtyards. Both chic and vibrant, the city kept its authentic atmosphere.
  2. Not only the buildings themselves are worth a visit in Tbilisi, but also the old town With narrow streets and interesting neighborhoods, the city’s old town is of no less interest than its new part. Make sure you get lost in the beautiful backyards of old Tbilisi at least once.
  3. Take a ride on Funicular Railway. Not only the view during the ride will make you amazed, but also it will get you to Mount Mtatsminda. The latter is famous for both the view that opens from there, but also for its amusement park. One can choose to walk to Mount Mtatsminda, since it is not a long ride, yet if you are in Tbilisi for the first time, Funicular is a must-try.
  4. In the middle of old town are located Sulphur Baths which are among famous touristic attractions. They are not only extremely relaxing, but also are believed to be good for the skin and the health overall. So, after a couple of days strolling around the city, make sure to visit the baths to re-charge with energy.
  5. If you are a nightlife lover, then Tbilisi again will not leave you dissatisfied. It is not hard to find good clubs, bars and pubs, one just needs to head directly to Akhvlediani Street. Another option for club lovers is Shardeni street popular among active social and club life lovers.

As mentioned, Georgia is rapidly becoming a tourism country, so visiting only the capital will not be enough for most of the travellers.


If you are travelling in the midst of summer, then you should definitely consider relaxing at least a couple of days on the beach. One of the best options for such a rest is Batumi- the third-largest city in Georgia located in the country’s southwest. If you are wondering what else, aside from relaxing on the beach you can do once there, follow this list:


  1. One of the largest in the former Soviet area, Batumi Botanical Garden is not only an important spot around Batumi, but also, one of must see places in Georgia, in general. Located approximately 10 km away from the city, it has various sectors with Australian, Mexican and other vegetation. Amazingly beautiful, the garden is also a good spot for hiking lovers.
  2. Batumi Boulevard is another good option for spending time in the city. Aside from various attractions and cafes where you can spend time with family, the boulevard also has a bike path with a view opening to the sea. There are many spots of bike rentals right next to the path where you can rent a bike for an hour or more with low prices. You can also meet sunset from the boulevard- the time of the day when the view is the most beautiful.
  3. Finally, another sightseeing spot in Batumi is Europe Square. The buildings located there represent an interesting mixture of European and Georgian architecture. Aside from strolling, you can also find interesting attractions in the square such as the astronomical clock, the large fountain in the center and, obviously, the monument of Medea- the most famous statue in Batumi.

Surely, Georgia is not limited to Batumi and Tbilisi only, however, the two cities are among the most visited and popular spots for tourists. Depending on what you prefer- strolling in the capital, or relaxing on the beach, you have both options once in Georgia.

With amazing food, unique architecture and affordable prices, Georgia will not leave you disappointed.

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