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Antonine University Spring Festival 2018: Souk el Akel, Zahle!
May 16, 2018

Zahle here we come... two days of endless fun, entertainment, great food ideas and the Universite Antonine Job Fair.


Ramadan Kareem





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Travelling South America: What to expect


July 07, 2017 | Spotted Stories

It’s safe to say South America is perhaps the most beautiful continent in the world. With an abundance of rich scenery and cultural value to be experienced, you shouldn’t hesitate to begin exploring its vast tropics and bustling cities.…

The Best Dessert in 24 Countries Around the World

Desserts & Sweets

January 14, 2017 | Spotted Stories

A meal isn't complete without dessert. While that's true around the world, desserts differ from country to country. Some are light and fruity, and some are rich and chocolaty. From Japan's mochi to Poland's poppy seed rolls, read on to…

Peggy Sue's Historical Roadside Diner


September 20, 2016 | Burgers | USA

This original roadside diner built in 1954 with nine counter stools and 3 booths is set in the shadow of the Calico mountains. Peggy Sue's promises good diner food and an iconic experience back from he days when Route 66 was joining Americas…

Budweiser Beer Rebrands Itself ‘America’


May 13, 2016

Budweiser, a beer brand owned by a Belgian company, will soon appear on shelves with a new name: America. Pointing to a spate of summer events set to bring out feelings of nationalism, Budweiser said Tuesday that it would replace the word…

World' Biggest Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas - For Now...

Spotted Stories

April 05, 2014

The world’s largest Ferris wheel has opened in Las Vegas, at 550 feet or 168 meters high. The Las Vegas High Roller provides a 30-minute spin that includes a video and music presentation that fades out for guests to enjoy the beautiful sky... It…

Le Dépanneur: A Real American Diner in Paris


January 16, 2014 | Burgers | France

It was Sunday and the restaurants my friends and I were planning to visit were closed. By pure coincidence on YELP, Jean came across a place called Le Depanneur, a beautiful concept that’s the newborn baby of the famous truck touring Paris…

Contact Info: Le Depanneur

Phone Number: +33 1 48 74 48 74

Address: 27 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris, France [ view ]

Phone Number: +33 1 48 74 48 74

Address: 27 rue Pierre Fontaine, 75009 Paris, France [ view ]

3D Printing Just Got a Little Tastier


January 10, 2014

Pastry chefs, restaurateurs and event planners and anyone who has a passion for the kitchen - rejoice! The future is here with ChefJet™, a series of 3D kitchen-ready printers for edibles. The first two printers, which can print in milk chocolate or…

My Latest Trip to Paris: The Memoirs of a Traveler


August 07, 2013 | France

I was listening to Eurovibes, a nice music selection produced by EuroNews, while waiting for flight AF561 to take off from Beirut to Paris... Enjoying some of my favorite tunes, I decided that on this trip I would write the memoirs on an hourly…

961's New American India Pale Ale: A Tasty Limited Edition Bottle You Must Try

Coffee, Wine & Drinks

July 17, 2013 | Tasty Discoveries

Before taking a sip of this newly launched beer from 961, I just want to reconfirm that, indeed, we do have amazing beers in Lebanon which are truly up to international standards following European regulations. Today, I grabbed one of the very few…

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