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2013: Best Japanese and Sushi Restaurants in Lebanon

Guys, have you counted how many sushi restaurants there are in Lebanon. The Japanese cuisine has honestly overtaken the number of local ones... Ever since the trend started five years ago, a sushi spot is available on almost every street in the country. Some are bad, some are mediocre, while others have mastered the art of Japanese food to it's fullest by taking a step further into creating new innovative bites and flavors. These places stand out. I am being honest and sincere, only a few are good. Find below my preferred ones. NoGarlicNoOnions_Top10_Restaurant_Reviews_Lebanon Le Sushi Bar: Celebrating 15 Years with Haute Cuisine Dining

I went to Le Sushi Bar. Yes again. But this time it was to celebrate the 15th year anniversary of one of my favourite places in Lebanon. With this celebration comes a new menu composing of 15 new dishes, which will redefine the way you know, imagine, and taste seafood and Japanese cuisine. “On the »more… Le_Sushi_Bar_Beirut_New_Menu_15_Years_Anniversary17

Yumi… Is more than Yummy

I know! It has taken me quiet some time to try Yumi and with this time lost, I have been missing out on the best maki rolls Lebanon has to offer… But as the saying goes, it’s better later than never. Premium quality and exquisite taste hidden in every roll is prepared with such simplicity »more… Yumi_Sushi_Japanese_Beirut63 Yabani: Don’t Let Bad Staff Ruin the Restaurant’s Reputation
Sushi restaurants are popping up on every corner and the more this trend is expanding the more the quality is declining. As a fan of Sushi I am always on the lookout for good and decent sushi places and if I can’t find any, I revisit some of my favourite places like Le Sushi Bar or »more… Yabani_Restaurant_Beirut64 Kobe: A Positively Amazing Japanese Restaurant
Today I discovered a new place to be added to my list of favourite restaurants. I discovered the newest entry in my Top 5 Japanese restaurants in Lebanon. Passing through Pasteur street, down the same road as Emm Nazih and The Gathering, a huge wooden facade attracts your attention. I have been intrigued for quite some »more… Kobe_Sushi_Japanese_Restaurant_Gemmayze_Beirut_Lebanon66

Ichiban Cuisine: The Metn Welcomes a Decent Japanese Restaurant

Ichiban has been around for many years now and I always showed my appreciation for this place. They really have come a long way serving good Japanese cuisine with taste and quality that only gets better with time. What used to be known for its premium sushi on Zalka highway, Ichiban has now moved to Blueberry »more… Ichiban_Sushi_Japanese_Blueberry_Square061 Ginger&Co: New Location…Same Great Taste
I was quite surprised with the positive experience encountered at Ginger&Co a while back. I visited a small restaurant in Hazmieh that boasts a tasty and casual Japanese menu. I recently heard that they have moved into a bigger location just fifty meters up the same road. Bigger place, new set up? I was intrigued. »more… Ginger_Co_Hazmieh_New_Location_Menu57

Tamashi, Mar Mikhael At the entrance of Mar Mikhael street, the recently popular dining and nightlife hub of Beirut, is Tamashii. You’re welcomed into a nice architectural set up as you walk into this small restaurant, Tamashii, serving exquisite contemporary Japanese cuisine. I loved the wood paneled walls, the red tiles line following the shape of the square place, »more… Tamashi_Sushi_Sashimi_Beirut_Restaurant38 Maki Gourmet: A Japanese Take on Andy Warhol in Achrafieh

The latest talk of the town is Maki Gourmet, a colorful new Japanese restaurant which just opened on the main street of Achrafieh between the Sofil Center and Diwan El Sultan. Maki Gourmet welcomes you into a three-level concept restaurant. The fresh white space is very inviting with various details adding to it’s pop art’ish »more… Maki_Gourmet_Restaurant_Achrafieh_Beirut82

Kampai, Downtown Beirut What was the hype all about. Everyone told me, it’s weird you haven’t tried Kampai yet – its one of the best sushi restaurants in town. I thought… “is that possible, better than Sushi Bar which I rate as the number one?” For some time, people have been talking about Kampai, located in Beirut Central»more… Kampai_Japanese_Restaurant_Beirut_Lebanon62 Sushi on the Conveyor Belt at SÔ Achrafieh

Who doesn’t know SO, Downtown or DT… three restaurants which have been around for years, maintaining the same quality – and I was going to say “and service” but I changed my mind… at least at SO. Visiting SO for lunch with a friend I was a bit disappointed to encounter slow and unprofessional service »more… SO_Achrafieh_Sushi_Conveyor_Belt48 Osaka Sushi Restaurant & Lounge
“You eat well and feel light despite their use of a lot of Mayonnaise and variety of deep fried items.” Osaka Sushi Lounge, situated in the Kantari area of Beirut at the entrance of Hamra street, is one of the top five sushi restaurants around town. Osaka offers unequivocally the widest selection of Sushi in »more…


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