March 05, 2021

A walk through London

The capital of the United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful and frequently visited places on the entire planet. If you are planning the trip of your lifetime, we highly recommend you to visit London. Filled with stunning architecture, historical monuments and places, museums, valuable art, and amazing restaurants with delicious food, London is the place to go.

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Why travel to London

There are so many great reasons why to visit this remarkable city. On this blog, we want to share the best ideas and information about this popular city. London truly has a lot to offer to everyone, especially tourists. It is arguably one of the greatest cities on earth with so many wonderful things to explore. Also, these ideas are for all visitors who want to see and learn something new about rich British history.

What to see in London 

It is definitely not easy to plan any trip, but when it comes to traveling to some bigger city or when it comes to traveling with small children, things can get even more complicated. London is a rich and diverse city, so it can be a bit difficult to choose where to go and what to see. That is why we hope that on this page you will find all the necessary information you need to properly plan your vacation. So, here is our small recommendation of the best places.

Visit the Kensington Palace and Hyde park

Stunning Kensington Palace is one of the biggest and most important royal historical buildings, and it is also home to the famous Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. During the course of years, the Kensington Palace was always a significant place for many royals figures ( one of them is the late Princess Diana) who lived in it.

Hyde Park is a very famous and popular spot, located around Kensington Palace and it's the perfect place to take long walks, enjoy nature or go there to have a family picnic.

If you decide to visit this historical place, be sure to check out the State Apartments and special exhibitions.

The grounds and garden of Kensington Palace are absolutely beautiful, filled with flowers and statues, perfect to wander around and explore all the beauty. Also, if you are vacationing with your kids, there is a great playground for them nearby.

Cruise on the River Thames

One of the most popular attractions for tourists is hopping on the London transport river bus down from the London Eye, looking at important landmarks of this city. This is a great chance to see the entire city in its full glory and from a different perspective. Cruising is excellent for all generations and for the entire family.

Boats leave every 20 minutes every day of the week and you can book a seat right on the spot. You will be able to take a closer look at the beautiful surroundings as well as major monuments, statues, and stunning buildings.

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Explore Victoria and Albert museum

One of the most important monarchs of the United Kingdom was the famous and beloved  Queen Victoria who ruled for 64 years.  Victoria and Albert Museum is a place we highly advise you to explore while enjoying your vacation in London.  The architecture is incredibly impressive and it certainly will be pleasing for any art lover. This museum will allow you to enjoy amazing art, but at the same time, you will be able to learn and hear a lot about British culture and history.

This museum has immense cultural and historical value for the entire nation and every year thousands and thousands of tourists from all around the world gather in line to buy tickets and enjoy everything that this museum has to offer, and trust us it has a lot!

This place is definitely worth seeing and you can order tickets also online, on their official site, but do it in time, because the lines can be long. 

London is a truly fantastic city with so many great destinations to explore. We hope that this blog gave you some valuable information and recommendations about what to see in London, but if you are looking to visit some other popular locations in London, we advise you to check out Weekend in London blog.

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