January 16, 2017 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Abul3ezz: An Amazing Shawarma
Quick Eats

Phone Number: +961 70 833 877

Address: Slaf El Bawshriyeh road, Near Sibon, Dekwaneh, Metn, Lebanon ( 12PM - 12AM)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/abul3ezzstreetfood/

Price Range: 5-15 $

I love it! It's beautifully wrapped, fresh, juicy, loaded with flavors, generous and most importantly it comes without garlic!


Meat shawarma: it is superb. To start with, the meat is different and not like any shawarma you have had before. A condensed kind of meat put into toasted markouk bread with tarator. The meat is tender, the sauce is flavorful ... and what adds a special taste to these  sandwiches is the line of sweet sauce on top. 

Chicken shawarma: I'm addicted to this sandwich... Juicy chicken (not marinated in garlic), generously stuffed into the same crunchy markouk bread with a bit of mayonnaise for that added juiciness. It's not like your usual shawarma: it's bigger, more tender and the crunchy bread makes all the difference.

Abul3ezz now in Dekwaneh is a must try!

Suitable For: Quick Eats


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