July 30, 2018 South Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Al Forno Gourmet: A Loaded Shawarma and Tasty Burger on Your Way South
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Spot an impressive building on the highway driving south... Al Forno, now open for the last eight months, is that metallic building hosting a bakery, a pastry, an ice cream place and a restaurant. 


A grocery store, pastry, bakery, supermarket and much more, this destination has everything you need for a weekend up the village.


Stop in front of the last door where the fast food restaurant is. Coming here with low expectations, I ended up leaving happy and impressed. Try the homey burger, loaded and juicy, with a patty that tastes like real meat. The Al Forno burger with a patty of fried cheddar cheese and a big piece of the fried chicken breast is breathtaking. I loved the fries, crunchy Lebanese style fries ready to be dipped in ketchup and enjoyed.


Now for the real deal; the meat Shawarma. One of the juiciest and biggest Shawarmas I had. It’s a sandwich, generously loaded with chunks of meat juicy inside out. A drizzle of tarator and a bit of parsley with thinly sliced tomatoes to add the needed sweetness. I loved it so much that I told my friends about it inviting them to stop by Al Forno on their way to the south.


Meat quality is good, the sandwich containing hummus is tender without an excess of bread, where the meat is not chewy.

Good quality food is served at Al Forno Gourmet, the gigantic building on your way to the south.

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