July 24, 2019

AUBees 2019: Honey Day at The Village Dbayeh

American University of Beirut’s Class of Apiculture – Summer 2018-19. Invites you to the AUB HONEY DAY –  Summer Edition – declared as a NATIONAL BEE DAY!
  • DATE: Friday, July 26, 2019
  • WHERE: The Village Dbayeh
  • TIME: 5pm - 11pm 


Time is running out for the bee population and the security of the world’s food supply hinges on our ability to find means to improve the pollinator’s health. This has been reflected by the worldwide honeybee vanishing phenomenon, Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). The decline in bee counts puts the supply of raw materials for global businesses at risk; therefore, we, as AUBees, are taking the initiative of raising awareness about this matter by declaring this spring’s Honey Day edition as a National Bee Day!
We must duly recognize the positive impact of bees on supply chains and sustainable trade sectors, which rely on the pollinator communities that, as well, produce honey, beeswax, and other hive products.
Everyone is invited to attend this event, which includes an environmental awareness campaign, well-informed AUB students knowledgable about bees and honey, beekeeping related items, AUB’ RAW honey, and other hive products, as well as honey tasting and homemade honey pastries. Also, this year, we have special participation of BEE CITY, a full-scale city that highlights the vital role that honeybees play in the food chain through a set of games (ages 3-13). We will also be having competitions with a chance to win special prizes provided by our sponsors. 
The event’s proceeds go to supporting the live beehives at FAFS Honeybee Lab.
AUBees to keep AUB buzzing green!
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