September 18, 2015

Chakala: A Healthy and Tasty Vegan Chocolate Spread
Sweet Tooth Healthy Treats

And here I am again looking at what I am about to eat and wondering what it will taste like. Will it be good? Chakala was in hand today... and after tasting it, not only was it good, it was awesome. Before tasting, I must mention something on it's original name: Chakala. This world is inspired by the French pronunciation of the word chocolate and how it is pronounced by the village people.


Today at the clinic a jar of chocolate made it's way to my desk. A chocolate spread that's real and healthy - no added sugar, just some carob molasses that add a boost and a hint of lemon which you won't actually feel. It's dark in color - coco late spread with Cocoa, bits of it found around the jar mixed together with full bodied Caron molasses and love, and lots of it. This products contains no milk whatsoever and is real vegan treat.

It's an addictive spread. I dipped in my fork to try a bite and ended up digging into the jar... Delicious.


I loved it, I really did. I loved the texture, the ingredients, the taste... I loved every hint of it.

That's something I would want to taste if I were you and surely give to my kids. Let's give our local artisans, who are working hard to create some real flavorful innovations, some support. So put that Nutella jar aside and enjoy this...

Chakala, Rodrigue's Vegan Bites can be ordered by calling +961-3-123497

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth Healthy Treats





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