January 18, 2020

Cheetos Takes Popcorn to a Whole New Level

Cheetos is a favorite among snackers. People love the delicious cheesy dust that stains on their fingertips after enjoying a bag of Cheetos, the red dust is famosly called Cheetle.

Today, a new kind of Cheetos is being introduced and that is Cheetos Popcorn. It marks the first time ever that popcorn has been infused with Cheetle. Cheetos’ new ready-to-eat Popcorn brings the legendary taste of the iconic Cheetos seasoning to one of America’s snacking favorites, swapping the butter and salt for the cheesy and spicy flavors fans know and love.


Available in two flavors — Cheddar and Flamin’ Hot® — Cheetos Popcorn will step up fans’ snacking game with cheesy and Flamin’ Hot twists on a snack perfect for any occasion. 

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