August 11, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Dear Roadster: Wake UP and Smell the Competition!

Phone Number: 1585

Address: Zalka main road, Jal El Dib, Metn, Lebanon


Price Range: 35-65 $

I was really trying to avoid writing this, but to be honest, I couldn't ignore my inner voice anymore.  Wake up and smell the competition Roadster Diner - you need to shape up or else it's down just downhill from here. I had a horrible experience at Roadster Diner the other day and I came home thinking, why is this happening to what was once my favourite places to vent on food when I am craving good old diner food... I said maybe it just happened to be a bad day, but it seems they are having bad days, everyday and in different branches... Roadster_NGNO6 I ordered some food to the office today - they forgot the dips as well as the packs containing the forks and knives. I am at the office... how did they expect me to eat my salad? Use my hands?  No salt, no wet wipes and the chewing-gum, forget about those, they stopped putting them in the paper bags a long time ago, although the word Clorets is still stamped on them.

Dear Roadster, My friends and I decided to go to a stand alone Roadster Diner branch. Taking a break from malls is inevitable to be honest with so many around these days. We headed down to to the branch on Zalka highway. And honestly, I wanted to leave the second I sat down...
  1. The place is too noisy. I mean really noisy. Clinging sounds of forks and knives echoing all over the place,  intertwined with a wave of customers' voices topped with loud annoying music.
  2. Too many waiters and honestly for nothing. Each one throws the responsibility on the other. We would ask one waiter for one thing he would go and ask another and then another... This incident repeated itself several times that night...
  3. Service is extremely slow. It took waiters an extremely long time to deliver the drinks, and refills, we each had to ask at least three times to remind them of our drinks...
  4. The food has changed. Honestly! Not to the better, but to the worse... Mozzarella sticks which used to come all in one size now come in different sizes, most of which are small. The nachos looked really poor. Hardly any cheese on the plate and chips were too little for the plate... empty spaces all over the place. The chicken strips, well, there was hair inside so we stopped there... the Cesar salad's lettuce was yellowish... The fries are much less than the usual. A lot of orders came late, some ate while others watched...
  5. I asked the waiter a million times for my order, and each time, he would say "I promise, it's coming..." and disappears. Don't promise, just bring the food...
  6. The music played was heavy rock. I mean please, I am not that old... but seriously the whole ambiance was very annoying. I asked the waiter to lower the volume or change the music several times with no luck. This type of music does not fit the place... It's excruciating... to say the least.
  7. I was really really really angry, angry because a place like this is taking things for granted... You should not... others around you are getting better and stronger...

Roadster_NGNO5 Thank you for the complementary dessert at the end, due to the "hair" incident, but it doesn't fix anything. We all had enough of the dessert trick! You think that you can buy our silence with a free dessert? You guys seem to be taking the competition for granted, I for one, decided to stop ordering from Roadsters and honestly will not step into the Zalka branch again. Unless your aim is only to attract youngsters and disregard your first loyal customers who grew up with you... What happened to "Together Forever"

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