December 04, 2013

Roadster Diner Menu: 1999 vs 2013, Prices Comparison

Phone Number: 1585

Address: Zalka main road, Jal El Dib, Metn, Lebanon


Price Range: 35-65 $

Comparison written and published by Gino's Blog Roadster_Diner_Old_Menu And here are some comparisons, courtesy of the dine-in menu. (the % in the parentheses is not increase, it’s the new value compared to the old one, so 4750 is 475% of the original 1000 for example) Roadster_Diner_Old_Menu_Lebanon

  • Soft Drink: 1000 vs 4750 (475%)
  • Water: 1000 vs 2000 (200%)
  • Cheesecake: 4500 vs 9750 (217%)
  • Diner-mite: 6,500 vs 13,750 (22,250 for 220g) (342%)
  • Cuban: 5,500 vs 11,750 (20,250 for 220g) (368%)
  • Evergreen: 4,500 vs 9,750 (217%)
  • Fisher: 5,500 vs 10,750 (196%)
  • Chicken strips: 6,000 vs 10,750 (180%)
  • Mozzarella sticks: 5,000 vs 10,750 (215%)
  • Onion rings: 6,000 vs 9,750 (162.5%)
  • Fries: 2,500 vs 7,000 (280%)
  • Cheese garlic bread: 2,500 vs 7,250 (290%)
  • House pasta: 7,000 vs 14,500 (207%)
  • Four cheese pasta: 7,000 vs 16,5000 (236%)
  • Philly steak: 8,500 vs 15,000 (176%)
  • Frankfurter: 4,000 vs 12,750 (319%)

So, unless inflation hit as high as 475% percent in the past 15 years, I don’t think this is good. It’s not really a “diner” anymore. I remember when we were in middle school, our parents would give us 20$ and it’d be enough to take a cab to and from RD Jal el Dib, a coke, a meal and sharing desserts… Now, some burgers sell for almost 20$. The sad part is, all those prices have risen, but the average wage barely has. And the money you used to save when delivering (since prices are less for stuff like soft drinks) is less now with the new delivery charge. I don’t order Roadster much anymore, I’ve lost my loyalty card and forgot its number and I can’t remember the last time I went there lately. It’s sad, because Roadster has so much sentimental value for me, and for most of my friends and family. Everything was in Roadster, every birthday, every farewell, every surprise party, every first date… But, we just can’t afford to nowadays, and a good old food truck on the side of the street is a more viable option. Of course, it’s not just Roadster, most places have jacked up prices this much, but RD does it way too often, and it’s felt a lot more because we used to go so much. Last time I remember the fries’n'cheddar were for 10,750, today I realized it’s over 12,000 and that’s within a matter of months… All prices are in Lebanese Liras including VAT* Check out the original article on Gino's Blog   Some related reviews to check out:





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