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Delighted by The 'Live Organic' Basket

Phone Number: +961-4-444 886

Address: New Naccache Area, Samaha bldg, Metn-Lebanon. P.O.Box 70-125


Price Range: 0-0 $

Live Organic: A Real Organic Hub

Oh, the joy of receiving unexpected gifts, and joy becomes bigger when you like it... I recently received an organic selection basket from Live Organic which was great.


Live Organic is an originally designed shop on the Naccach internal road that sells everything organic... 

While I was spending a day at the clinic, a basket arrived at my desk. An item at a time, a photo here, another there, I made sure to enjoy every single item before publishing this review. I think the slogan "it's organic and it's good" was proven by many of the basket's content. 


  • Chia bar from health warriors: An apple and cinnamon bar with chia seeds that's only 100 calories and contains Omega 3. A natural energy bar that's soy free, dairy free, gluten free and 100% vegan. A good taste that's good for your health. A bit chewy like a raw fig, sweet and sticky. Not something I'd crave but interesting to block your appetite and give you a boost.
  • Live Granola Bar: Gluten free, wheat free and fat free, the granola bar included sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, raisins and dates. It's a good source of Omega 3, potassium and fibers... But it's not tasty at all. Maybe it should be dipped in honey or something.
  • Vivani Chocolate: Vivani is a chocolate I've discovered lately and fallen in love with. Vivani is not only a tasty dark chocolate, but an organic one as well. Today, I tried the espresso biscotti which includes organic milk chocolate and 32% cocoa solids. I'm honestly not a fan of milk chocolate at all, but this one is indeed very good. Milky but not too sweet, with a crispy espresso cream filling adding a funny, enjoyable texture and a rich flavor. I like it!
  • One of things also found at Live Organic are Pomegranate chips with a pinch of sea salt. A new craze in Lebanon, these chips are richly perfumed, fresh and crunchy chips with a light, subtle, enjoyable sweetness. Superbly crunchy, enjoyably salty and different from the chips you can try around town and, most importantly, they are not oily at all. You can also find them at Spinneys Supermarket. 
  • Snackebrot is a thin bread, Pretzel style, made from certified organic whole wheat, flax seeds, oat flakes and sea salt. Thin, crunchy rectangular biscuits sprinkled with sea salt. A crunchy biscuit filled with seeds, a hint of saltiness with a subtle bitter end note.  50 calories in every piece makes it a perfect guilt free snack.
  • Amarenakirsche Liebt Zartbitter Schokolade: That's all you'll understand from the package but who even cares when it's good? Cherries covered with dark chocolate. A strong 81% chocolate wrapped around a dried cherry, bites of addiction, because when you start you cannot stop. A melting chocolate with the light crunch of the cherry, sweet and lightly acid while the chocolate leaves a pleasant long lasting note. I'm a fan!


My favorite is the Vivani chocolate, a dark bite, full of flavor and character. 

Now that I have an overview of their products I believe that I should pay them a closer visit and check out some of their other products. 

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