November 20, 2014 Paris France Europe

Dim Sum et Noodles Bar at the Lafayette Gourmet, Paris

Phone Number: +33 1 42 82 34 56

Address: 35 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France ( 09:30AM - 08:30PM)


Price Range: 10-60 $

It was by pure coincidence that I discovered the newly opened Lafayette Gourmet in Paris. This food heaven moved from the men's section down to the home section (in Lafayette Maison) occupying two large floors of food and heavenly creations.


The same restaurants are still serving their famed food, but in a better, improved setup... Some more options have appeared, like the Chinese restaurant, as well as the vegetable corner and some pastry shops. Welcome to the land of fresh aromas and beautiful colors.

I will be back for a detailed review of Lafayette Gourmet but in the meantime, let's start with a lunch at one of the many restaurants occupying the floor. Tafa offers dim sum, noodles and Chinese plates. The menu is divided into soups, starters, plates, dim sum, sides and desserts. A page displays the day's suggestions, which was the Lotte sweet and sour plate.

The eatery is divided into two areas, the take away fridge and eating counter facing the open kitchen. Prepare yourself to wait in line as many come here for the special food and the take away items that are good to eat at home.


A firm favourite of Lafayette Gourmet, Tafa provides a range of authentic Asian specialities.


  • Soups
  • Spring rolls, nems etc.
  • Bobuns, fried noodles
  • Dim sum, ravioli with shrimp, vegetables, scallops
  • Bananas in coconut milk 


I personally enjoyed lunch:

  • Spring rolls: Spring rolls in Paris are not fried like the ones we know. They are the version we call summer rolls. A very large roll filled with noodles, soya shoots, lettuce and nuts with thinly sliced shrimp. On a plate, they are served with a sweet and sour sauce. Fresh, they are a must to open up your appetite.
  • Bobun crevettes (vermicelli, soya beans, shrimp, fresh mint, fresh coriander): In a bowl, a salad-like plate is beautifully presented and enjoyable. A generous portion that’s colorful and tasty.
  • Shrimps soup: Just look at the picture, it says it all; the colors and content, perfectly cooked and most importantly the steamed ravioli... Delicious. You might need some soy sauce or salt to give it a hint of flavor.
  • Vegetables noodles: Thin round noodles, with a mix of vegetables. No sauce, no dripping, even though it looks dry, the mix is very tasty.
  • The Lotte fish plate is as good as all the rest, chunks of fried fish around a portion of rice all bathing in a sour cream sauce. Order some shaolin vegetables on the side to make your meal a complete one. A generous portion of cut vegetables in soy sauce. Broccoli, mini corn, mushrooms, carrots and zucchini.
  • Yum, the rice... Simply mixed with fried eggs and sausages and decorated with carrots. The aromas coming out of it are guaranteed to open up your appetite... Well seasoned and ready to be mixed with any other plate that has a sauce.


That’s a fast food style of lunch where you feel many are looking at you to grab your seat but anyway, that’s what Lafayette is all about. We ordered many dim sum which were not delivered to our table, but the staff was professional enough to apologize and remove it from the bill. A quick lunch before continuing our hunt around the floors of Lafayette Maison.





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