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Eataly Dubai: The Land of Italian Specialties
Non-smokers friendly
Casual Dining Authentic & Traditional

Phone Number: +971 4 330 8899

Address: Lower G floor, Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE ( 9AM - 11:30PM)

Website: http://www.eataly.ae/

Price Range: 25-60 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 27/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 7/10

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I'm a fan, a big fan of Eataly and you can find them in Dubai. I've been to the one in New York and loved it, spent days at the one in Milan and now in Dubai, the experience couldn't be but great. Walking the isles of The Dubai Mall, you can't miss Eataly.


Eataly is Italy in a shop, thousands of meters of the finest the country has to offer. I love it here making sure to go in every time I pass by. It has become a must, like visiting the world's Apple stores.

Brightly lit and so fresh, Eataly is guaranteed to amaze. A white industrial ceiling, a grey floor in a space filled with dozens of shelves filled with fine products from one of the world's sexiest countries.

The pizza corner, pasta, tartufo, meat, fresh mozzarella production, many open kitchens preparing food a la minute. One chef slices the bresaola, another rolls the mozzarella, drinks are prepared on the trays while a bell rings for the waiter to pick up his orders. 

At the end of the shop is the restaurant, many wooden tables surrounded by transparent plastic chairs. 

You are welcomed by a smiling hostess, a professional staff makes sure you're seated while you're given time to browse the menu. Two menus, Il Tartufo from Umbria, the green heart of Italy and the main menu offering starters, fried entrees, pasta, risotto, pizza, meat, fish, greenery and bread.

You're greeted with a paper bag containing two slices of bread. Feel free to dip them in your olive oil-balsamic mix.


The food is delicious, flavors of Italy in Dubai:

  • A risotto cooked al dente, but it needs a bit more salt and pepper. Delicious flavors of simplicity, tender mushrooms, a light creaminess and the added salt and the pepper making all the difference.
  • The buffalo mozzarella is as good as it should be, as good as you expect from an Italian cheese. Tender and creamy, the cheese is indeed a fine one.
  • The Margherita pizza with its two simple ingredients gives you an exact idea of the place's fine food. A tender dough, a crispy border, one the finest flours out there and on top, a premium tomato sauce and chunks of mozzarella.
  • The fried calamari shouldn't be missed. A generous platter filled with crispy chunks of calamari, fried to perfection without being oily. Tartar sauce is the perfect accompaniment.


Now for the main courses:

  • I wish I could eat their spaghetti carbonara every day of my life. Al dente, thick spaghetti mixed with the carbonara sauce, not to mention the finely cooked egg yolk, olive oil -lots of it- and chunks of bacon. On top sat a couple of slices of black truffles to add aroma and flavor. I enjoyed it so much!
  • Bresaola pizza followed and we loved it.
  • My friends ordered a chicken platter and the grilled salmon and both liked their food.


Now that we've enjoyed dinner, it was Gelato time. Chocolate and vanilla gelato, rich like you're eating chocolate or drinking milk in the morning with cereal. Real and intense flavors and the same fantastic chocolate I experienced in Milan. 

I recommend it here, the place, service and taste. I'll be back for my carbonara, the smiling staff and the vibes. Recommended!





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