August 10, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Do You Know What Happened to Casper?

Phone Number: +961250888

Address: Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 25-50 $

I think Casper & Gambini's are not one anymore. For what I've seen lately, it seems Casper has traveled and Gambini's doesn't care about the kitchen. Been trying to find the lost Casper & Gambini's with a deception every time bigger than ever.
Meeting with some friends, we decided to have a coffee at Casper ABC Achrafieh. We reached the terrace, where a Kleenex was there lying on the floor and three tables each dirtier than the other. The waiters didn't seem to care. We sat on one of them waiting for someone to come clean it up. Waiters were careless, unwelcoming and not feeling like working today.
We ordered two salads and two ice tea. Setting up the plates, Casper's branded plates, nobody even thought of positioning the logo up front in a symmetric way. Dirty and old menus, we ordered and waited.
The salmon edamame salad and strawberry came in large plates, the one used for any other dish and not a bowl. The edamame salad even though had already a sauce in it came with sauce on the side. The salmon looked cheap with its light color and dull salty taste confirming its low quality. The strawberry salad is very average but would have definitely felt more pleasant to eat in a bowl. Both plates don't justify the 18$/order price.
The best part, in the salmon salad, are the cucumber slices soaked in garlic and Laban. 1- Laban and garlic are not written on the menu description of the plate. 2- I can't eat garlic, like you Anthony. 3-The potatoes are undercooked and too crunching. 4- Edamame are close to inexistent.
Our plates were left almost untouched. The waiter removed them without bothering to ask about our experience. It seems no one even cares.
The ice tea, sold at 11,500 L.L comes in a shaker half filled with ice. A water consistency with a dull taste. Not worth the price nor the experience. No coasters at Casper so the shakers and their accompanying cups were deposited on the table without anything under, putting water everywhere and dirtying our clothes every time we wanted to drink.
While leaving, I took a picture of the waiters stations just to let you know how dirty things are around here.
We paid more than 50$ at a "caffe" and left unhappy. Casper has become different... Negatively. I presume: Casper is still surviving because it has the chance to be in a Mall... Won't do outside.
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