July 08, 2012

Get to Know USA Best New Chefs of 2012
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Good Chefs are all around. Let's meet the best new Chefs of 2012 according to Food and Wine

Best New Chefs 2012: Erik Anderson & Josh Habiger

Erik Anderson & Josh Habiger

Exciting, approachable cooking with a Southern accent. Says Anderson, “If you get gorgeous grass-fed meat and destroy it, what good is farm-to-table?”
Best New Chefs 2012: Danny Grant

Danny Grant

Crafting subtle and sophisticated flavor combinations. “Some people get so hung up on the way things look, they forget the most important part.”
Best New Chefs 2012: Dan Kluger

Dan Kluger

Farm-fresh produce meets culinary luxury. “I met ABC Kitchen co-owner Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the farmers’ market. Before I knew it, I was interviewing for the job.”
Best New Chefs 2012: Corey Lee

Corey Lee

Asian-inspired flavors from a French Laundry alum. “Every chef feels like they need to tell a story with their food. Sometimes food doesn’t need a story—it becomes very contrived.”
Best New Chefs 2012: Jenn Louis

Jenn Louis

Honest, delicious, sustainable cuisine. “I don’t like too many ingredients or ideas jammed together. You lose the individual ingredients; they can’t be appreciated.”
Best New Chefs 2012: Cormac Mahoney

Cormac Mahoney

Interpreting global cuisine with heart and humor. “I want to put out food that has the effect of the meal in Like Water for Chocolate.
Best New Chefs 2012: Bryant Ng

Bryant Ng

Marrying South Asian street food with California cuisine. “When I visited Singapore as a child, it had a grimy soulfulness you could only get from eating on the street.”
Best New Chefs 2012: Karen Nicolas

Karen Nicolas

Creatively shaking up one of DC’s iconic power restaurants. “In high school home ec class, my teacher pulled me aside and said, ‘You’re very good at this.’”
Best New Chefs 2012: Rich Torrisi & Mario Carbone

Rich Torrisi & Mario Carbone

Respecting and reinventing New York’s culinary state of mind. Says Torrisi, “What is there not to love about New York City?”
Best New Chefs 2012: Blaine Wetzel

Blaine Wetzel

Hyper-locavorism in the Pacific Northwest. “People see chefs run out to the smokehouse, grab fish and then, a few minutes later, it’s on the plate in front of them.”
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