October 29, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

In the Kitchen with Crepaway's Chefs

Phone Number: +961 9 637638

Address: Sahel Alma, Jounieh Highway, Keserwan, Lebanon

Website: http://www.crepaway.com

Price Range: 15-30 $

Recently, I was invited by Crepway to live the kitchen experience. Alongside fellow bloggers and food lovers, Crepaway Zalka’s kitchen doors were wide open for the occasion.


Chef Elie, Chef Gebran, Chef Mano and the band, a wide smile on their faces did their best to present their latest creations.

On the menu were almost all new items, which I’ve already reviewed. What made this experience unique is the explanation of each ingredient and how things were done in order to create them.

Chef Gebran, the brains behind the new menu, thought of everything. Why add quinoa to the menu, and with what other ingredients should it be mixed? Chef Elie, the executive of the group, had the hard job of putting them all together so they’d be ready for hungry customers in a record time, as for Chef Mano, his job was to manage the busy beehive of half a dozen well trained chefs in the kitchen. 

Dinner, or let's call it the tasting, started with the Onion Kings, Crepaway's version of onion rings, followed by two salads, the Quinoase (Quinoa-Nicoise) and the Pastalocca (pasta-chicken-pesto). I read appreciation on everyone's face...

Burgers followed: the Chickflick (Fried chicken burger) which I enjoyed shooting, I mean taking pictures of.

I wish I could eat tonight but my day was hectic enough... I was so happy seeing everyone enjoy their time, one bite after the other with no sign of regret or doubt, the food was great.


Yes, the burger... It looked awesome and tasted as good as the last time I had it. But believe me you've had nothing until you try the cordon blues (a cordon bleu style meat filled with cheese), which is guaranteed to liven things up.

Good news: The gluten free bread-rice flower and tapioca is a new idea, available for the first time in Lebanon. A burger bun and baguette bread, both available to order. 

Yes, there was more food to come. Gino from Gino's Blog, Le Najib, Lebanon Eats’ Instagram account and Fooradise were all loving it. Frida, the new crepe, landed on the table, preparing us for the last savory platter: The famous Tortzilla. 


Lemon cream, candied orange and three meringue drops... That was a welcome dessert. The sweet crepes of the new menu are designed differently; they have a fine dining look, left open to see the ingredients inside. The Donutella followed, I’m not sure where the "D" came from, but I'm sure they were thinking of a woman's name, like Donna. Crepaway was known for not offering Nutella on the menu at all, instead using their own premium callebaut chocolate sauce. For the Nutella fans, or those of us who like a less intense chocolate, your solution is here. Open, fully loaded with bananas and nuts, decorated with chocolate sauce, it will make you drool.


Valentine Crepe: Cream cheese, raspberry jam, raspberry couli, decorated with white chocolate sauce and crumbles... Awesome!


Best for last: I’ve had crepes before but never something like this. Cannelle is a fine dining, exceptional creation… A smooth crepe topped with a warm mix of baked apples on a bed of cream cheese with a fresh scent of cinnamon, caramel to add the sweetness, and a crunch at the end to add finesse.


Voila, this is not a review, nor an advertisement, this is a simple discovery experience I enjoyed sharing. I personally liked the new Crepaway menu, which I found new and innovative since diners have been copying each other a lot lately making diner food the same, or almost the same, around town. With the new menu, you will be able to try some interesting, creations that took a lot of hard work to accomplish. 

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