September 13, 2013

Lebanon's New Bagel: Crepaway's Hole Good Burger

Phone Number: +961 9 637638

Address: Sahel Alma, Jounieh Highway, Keserwan, Lebanon


Price Range: 15-30 $

Lebanon is cooking a new Burger and its not just any burger but "The" burger that's going to change the meaning of burgers as we know it.
Today, and before anyone else, I had the chance to taste this burger that simply amazed me. A special edition never seen before in Lebanon.
A special bun, a special meat, special sauces and a special filling that will make your mouth water and your taste buds scream in awe. Imagine: A bagel, cut in half and filled with the best of ingredients. One layer on top of the other... expect to be amazed: "Bagel, cocktail sauce, onion ring, cocktail cheese melt, 220g Angus beef meat, sweet pickles, lollo verde lettuce, two tomato slices, Dijonaise sauce, bagel". 10 layers perfectly set up to awaken all your senses.
It all starts when your lips touch the toasted sesame seeds covering the bagel. A pleasant smell followed by a slight salty feeling of an ingredient adored in our country: Sesame on a soft bagel bun that ignites many nostalgic memories that followed your teenager's days. This upper part of the bun marinated in cocktail sauce is the start of a fine culinary experience. Fresh crunchy vegetables crack one after the other until the sweet pickle bursts in flavor into your mouth. The meat, on another hand, covered with a rich cocktail of white cheese, is one of the juiciest I've had in the country. Juicy without being fatty, and having a pleasant grill aftertaste, this premium and pure Angus beef is only seasoned with salt and pepper. More is yet to come since the best is kept for the end. A dijonaise sauce covering the lower part of the bagel closes this experience with a majestic note of pleasure.


A piece of heavenly creation served with French fries. Not any French fries but "the" French fries created especially to accompany this feast. A special seasoning of paprika, salt, cheddar, pepper, and other secret ingredients upscale simple French fries to something high above the skies. "Smell, lick and bite"... You'll understand when you try them.

You can now experience what I mean. Alone or dipped in the Ranch sour cream which comes with it, these fries are to die for.
The plates content:
  • Cheddar cheese dip
  • Ranch herbs sauce
  • The 220g bagel burger
  • Special French fries
I loved:
  • The innovative idea of this burger
  • The burger's yummy taste
  • The meat is really one of its kind
  • I enjoyed its grilling smokiness
  • The fries are great even cold
  • The bagel is not chewy like you would expect a bagel to be
  • The cheese used, generously covering the meat, is light and tasty
  • The thickness of the tomato slice
I only intended to taste this thing... I ended up eating one complete burger with all its fries. I loved the experience so much that I think this creation should be added permanently to the menu. Welcome a new entry to the podium of best burgers in town, highly deserved.
Our two winners are: JIMMY (For being the first one to answer) MARZ (Thank you for the details and description) You will be contacted by mail to receive your prizes





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