December 04, 2017 Paris France Europe

Le Relais Bocador Paris: Simple, Homey and Memorable
Non-smokers friendly
Casual Dining

Open the door to a claustrophobic small box with walls covered in wood and three mirrors making the place look bigger; the first impression is bizarre. If you speak, everyone listens, so expect to dine with others. I could hear my neighbors chew their food! A bit unpleasant at first until you follow the flow, enjoy the music, get a pleasant welcoming and start reading the menu. Ten starters, twelve Pasta choices, four meat platters and two fish preparations followed by ten desserts. I had a memorable dinner I would recommend to all my friends!


It’s small and cozier than you expect it to be, a dinner shared with three tables shouting about their life stories. When a plate falls on the floor, you’ll jump from your seat! Old style seats, small tables, a relaxing carpet, wooden squares on the walls remove potential echoes and a little bar where drinks are prepared. Loved the yellow table covers, the white tablecloth, the silverware and lightweight wine glasses.

I loved the menu! I’m a fan of Pasta, creative starters, straight to the point meat choices and fish items. I wanted to try everything especially the pasta and risotto. Why not have the risotto as a starter followed by the spaghetti Carbonara. Dinner starts with big green olives and a basket of olive oil bread both delicious.

Service is impeccable; handled by a gentle lady -not the owner- she smiles, laughs, thanks, supports and helps. This restaurant makes you feel at home in all senses of the word; rarely are the places where music, ambiance, warmth and food blend together to impress and relax your senses. I’ve asked about the chef to know that he is from Italy justifying the delicious Italian meals.


  • Risotto served in a soup-like plate filled to the top with rice cooked al dente mixed with shredded morels. A creamy risotto loaded with flavors where love is felt in every bite. It’s not complicated Italian food but a plate of simplicity. Pepper, salt, taste... a perfect equilibrium! My plate toured around the table, and they all loved it. I couldn’t but finish it all.
  • The Bocadore salad is a must try! Salty anchovies sauce with fresh, crunchy lettuce. I enjoyed it, again, the taste of simplicity.
  • The burrata is so creamy and so vibrant! Waw! I’ve rarely had such a quality even in Italy and loved the pepper added to it. 
  • Now the Pasta, the long-awaited spaghetti carbonara. When you receive a mountain of spaghetti topped with a raw egg yolk you start asking yourself questions! It's like no other carbonara I’ve had before; the flavor is so pure and so vibrant. The spaghetti is cooked al dente, and the spices are equilibrated to make every bite unique. Loved it! The egg yolk transforms into a creamy sauce, diced bacon add the needed happiness, and a light endnote of pleasant bitterness makes of this plate a unique one.
  • A tasty lasagna and a huge portion of delicious spaghettini gambas. Everything at this restaurant is so finger licking good!


And the desserts are even better than the main plates. A very light and airy Tiramisu I’ll remember for long. Hats-down chef.

Portions are so generous; service is so professional... I’ll be back for sure and would recommend this restaurant to all my friends. Bravo chef, bravo dear waitress and two thumbs up for the owner.

Suitable For: Casual Dining





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