April 07, 2015

Meet the Chcocolate Box of Your Dreams

Haute chocolate brand Pierre Marcolini is known to combine unparalleled expertise with joyful creativity, placing the emphasis on craft and sensory experiences. Today, the house of chocolate is working with the Tokyo-Parisian label Kitsuné to create a new chocolate box that is dreamy and jewel-like Bento box.


Available in pre-release at colette on April 7th gives a surreal touch when you open the box: a sliding system that lengthens the body of the fox on the interior trays. The traditional touch is provided by the 'tenugui' fabric and 'furoshiki' bow that encircles the box.

This pretty Bento, with an illustrated fox on the front and a yellow and white striped exterior, holds a selection of chocolates and macarons: Ten tasty hearts in different colors and a selection of classics from Maison Pierre Marcolini or two trays lined with a selection of macarons. A culinary aesthetic journey, without borders...

Everyday can be a special day with a box like this one...

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