April 23, 2016

Pepsi Balls: A Concept Worth Seeing

We recently featured a new design bottle for Pepsi by Karim Rashid and the news is that Pepsi is implementing the design... Let's take a moment and imagine a new packaging for a popular brand...Note that this is a packaging concept and it is not affiliated with Pepsi. But who knows?


Designed by Tomislav Zvonaric this Pepsi Rubber Ball / Bottle is a concept packaging design with the main idea of having a bottle that you can turn into a ball when it's empty. It means a multipurpose packaging that wouldn't end up as a trash, but you would have a ball for playing ....a lot of them actually!


So, your kids or pets could play with it all around (backyard, street, swimming pool, beach, etc.) And for the brand this would mean a great and free advertising as well - all around and everywhere!

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