July 27, 2013

Prince George Gets His Own Beer Brand

And I was excited to see a bottle of Coke with my name.... only to find out that new Prince George Alexander Louis has a whole beer brand name after him... Oh well, the coolness of being royal. 1 In Time magazine I read: Though George Alexander Louis has a while to go before he can take his first legal sip, the third in line to the British throne already has a beer in his name. McMullens Brewery, a British brewery based in Hertford, England, has released a special ale dubbed Heir Raiser to celebrate the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child. According to the Drinks Business, the special brew is described as a “light-colored, crisp refreshing pint with a light, hoppy finish” and is currently being sold at the Duchess of Cambridge Pub opposite Windsor Castle. The ale, which is 3.8% alcohol by volume, has reportedly already been enjoyed by Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson. This isn’t the first time a brew has been made to mark a special event for the royal couple. In the events leading up to William and the Kate’s wedding, British brewery Castle Rock Brewery released a special edition of its Kiss Me Kate English bitter-style pale ale. Fergus McMullen, the sales director for the brewery, told Drinks Business that the company had been eagerly anticipating the birth of the royal heir for quite some time. “We’ve been going since 1827 and we’ve seen quite a number of royal births in our time and every royal birth is a special one.”
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