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Some Tasty Traditional Dairy Products

Have I ever told you that Labneh is my favorite food. I eat Labneh with bread or toast, in a sandwich or simply alone on a plate with a spoon. I also often have it with a nice well prepared steak, it's a perfect substitute for heavy mayonnaise. As for cheese, I could literally live on cheese for a month without even getting bored.

Support Local Farmers

Last week, I received a private message on Facebook informing me about a dairy farm in the south Called El-Hinnaoui Farms that produces fine products following certain traditions and technology at the same time in the cleanest of environments. The owner asked me to taste their products and give them my opinion; that scared me, considering that my honesty has driven a number of my friends away me: As what comes out of my mouth is not necessarily always positive and you need to be prepared for it. I've been asked to review chocolate, salmon, sauces and many other ingredients that didn't make it on the website for their quality and taste that do not fit the minimal requirements of being called "good". "When it is good, I love to share it but whenever it's not, you can be sure that I won't be lying or exaggerating to please a friend". On a long busy day at the clinic, and back from my latest trip from Algeria, the door rang, this time it was not a patient coming for its appointment but a Dairy delivery. A bag, filled with white goods; Milk, Cheese, Honey, Aricha, Labneh and Laban. They looked appealing before even digging into them. I'm happy to now tell you that we have a new company that offers premium quality Dairy products with a certain finesse I've been waiting to taste for some time now.

It seems that they take care and pamper their cows even more than the one on TV...

Each and every item was even tastier than the other:


  • Labneh: The labneh, as I like it to be is hard and thick, filled with concentrated milk and not water. Half a kilo in a box is half a kilo of pure Labneh. White like snow, firm and strong, this product is just great. Adequately salty and adequately lemony, it has a real taste of the village. It reminded me of the old days when we used to have family picnics in the country side, tasting the farmers produces on spot. The Labneh is a 5/5


  • Laban: Just by opening the box, you'll know that you are in for a treat. An adequate quantity of salt and water with a soft lemony back taste, this product has it all. I really enjoyed every spoon of it that I ate without bread. With a bit less water to the mix, the laban will reach perfection.


  • Accaoui cheese: How many times have you spent your morning drinking water after eating a accaoui piece of cheese. Salty and hard to chew, the commercial version of this cheese that's mainly imported from Syria and sold in the market is a disgrace. The little piece of wonder from El-Hinnaoui Farms tasted today is good to a certain extend of being devoured without bread and leaves a pleasant aftertaste around your mouth that follows you for an hour or so. Adequately salted with a hint of sweetness, the Akaoui cheese is a 5/5


  • Aricha: This is a must try. I am not usually a fan of arisha to tell you the truth, and I never understood this dull product that needs to be mixed with something sweet to be enjoyed. I changed my mind: Thick, non watery, fresh and natural, with a hint of honey, El Hennaoui's aricha is a wild discovery.


  • Honey: Just look at it. Look at its color, its consistency and smell its aromatic passionate wonders. A few drops on my tongue made me close my eyes to enjoy the purity of this natural ingredient produced by this innocent earth. 5/5 is well deserved


  • Eggs: Be assured you can eat them raw as is. 100% natural and fresh.


  • Fresh milk: Best for last. Yes, I opened the bottle, cold as it is and poured some in a mug. The first impression is magical. A full fat, non watery and flowing smoothly along your palate. A bottle of fresh milk that I drank in one gulp without heating it or adding any corn flakes. 5/5

Doing some research, I found out that El Hannaoui farms, located in south Lebanon in the village of  Kinnarit, do not use any kind of chemical add-ons. Purely fresh and natural, you will be sure to provide your kids with the best out there, the same old fashioned way.

My opinion:

  1. The quality is just great and this company has a bright future. Keep it up
  2. The packaging needs serious work though. It all starts by a good packaging that makes you want to buy the products. People won't even buy gold if it was in a paper box
  3. We love social media and believe in it but can anyone explain what does:"Like us on Facebook" doing on these dairy products? Leave the social media on flyers, as for the products, their packaging should be neat, professional and informative
  4. I didn't like the milk bottle. It looks cheap. Consider changing it into the Tetrapak ones
  5. Labneh: A better filling method is needed. As Labneh is hard, it sticks to the borders of the packaging and when dried, turns into a yellowish unappetizing form. The Labneh box I received can look much better only if it was not transparent or its filling method is made in a way not to touch the borders of the packaging.

...An hour passed and I still can't stop eating...


As you may have noticed, I don't have a single comment to make on the quality. I would just ask for a more professional packaging system to allow this company to reach perfection. All their products are simply awesome. The real word FRESH is used here. Fresh in every aspect without any commercial cheating. El-Hinnaoui Farms only work online and deliver any product you want live to your doorstep the same day. For your deliveries in greater Beirut call: +96170172480


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