January 15, 2020 Paris France Europe

STOHRER: Exploring the Kitchen of Paris' Oldest Pastry Shop

I first visited on November 21st of 2013. The Baba was amazing... what I felt was out of this world! Seven years passed for me to realize a dream... I was invited to explore the kitchens! A kid's dream is to discover Disneyland... I felt like a kid on this particular day.

Baking with Chef Jeffrey Cagnes (Passé Chef pour la Pâtisserie japonaise Yamazaki puis pour la Maison Hédiard, le Chef Jean François Piège le débauche pour le restaurant Thoumieux du groupe Costes. Deux années passées avec l’un des jurés de Top Chef, Jeffrey quitte le groupe et prend la place de chef pâtissier pour les brasseries chics parisiennes Monsieur Bleu et Le Flandrin. Après toutes ces maisons et ces desserts à l’assiettes, Jeffrey retourne chez Stohrer en Mars 2015, mais cette fois ci en tant que Chef. Son retour dans cette maison parait presque comme une continuité dans un cycle.)

In the year 1725, Louis XV married Marie Leszczynska, daughter of King Stanislas of Poland. His pastry chef Stohrer follows her in Versailles. Five years later, in 1730, NICOLAS STOHRER opened his bakery at 51 rue Montorgueil in the second arrondissement of Paris. In its kitchen, where desserts were invented for the Great Court, the king’s delights are still prepared. La Maison Stohrer is one of the oldest and most revered Parisian patisseries and caterers. The shop on Rue Montorgueil is the oldest and opened in the early 18th century. The storefront and interior alone are admirable for their elaborate frescoes and carvings. A few meters from Chatelet Les Halles, the closet parking to Stohrer is a walking street, Rue Montorgueil where the famous shop is located. In front of it, you will see a sign pointing to the heritage hidden inside. On the glass facade, Le Figaro's article votes Stohrer's eclair as being the best of Paris.


The story of the Baba au Rhum: Nicolas Stohrer served his apprenticeship as a pastry cook in Wissembourg in the kitchens of King Stanislas De Poland. With a dry Polish bun that King Stanislas brought back from a trip, Nicolas Stohrer invented the Baba. He enriches the dry bun basting Malaga wine, perfuming it with saffron and adding the custard with fresh grapes and dried raisin from Corinth. King Stanislas, while reading the tales of MILES & ONE NIGHT, fascinated by the character of this novel, named the new cake the ALI- BABA. When the daughter of King Stanislas From Poland Leszcynska Mary, married in 1725 King Louis XV, his pastry chef Nicolas Stohrer followed her to the court of Versailles. Five years later Nicolas Stohrer opened his pastry shop at 51 rue Montorgueil in Paris.







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