December 09, 2022

Top 7 Japanese Restaurants in Denver

Everyone likes to have good quality food available in the city where they live. When it comes to the food scene in the city of Denver, the choice of dishes is very diverse. Mexican, Vietnamese, and Italian cuisines are also popular in the capital of Colorado. In addition to the classic traditional dishes of this city, Japanese restaurants in Denver are a must-visit. Regardless of whether you are just visiting this city or living in it. The food at these Chinese restaurants is outstanding. According to sources, Denver is the 7th food city in America, which explains a lot. Whether it's sushi or any other dish of Japanese cuisine, Denver is a highly recommended place for it.

A little about the usual local food in Denver 

Due to its gastronomy, Denver has become one of the best dining destinations in the nation. Denver is certainly among America's best food cities, and this is shown by the quality of food in numerous restaurants. It is a city where tastes are always evolving. It is full of restaurants run by outstanding chefs that have the enthusiasm, commitment, and professionalism necessary to satisfy the city's need for top-notch cuisine. Some of the popular dishes in Denver include: 

  • Palisade peaches 
  • Green chili
  • Colorado lamb 
  • Denver steak 
  • French toast 

In addition to food, Denver holds the title of the host of the biggest beer festival in America. Denver has a wide variety of brewers and beers, and many beer lovers who come to this city enjoy it because of that.

Moving to Denver  

There are many aspects and advantages of Denver as a livable city besides the outstanding food. This city has tons of beautiful parks and green spaces and affordable living costs. However, moving involves a series of procedures that can be demanding and complex. If you decide to come here for good, you might as well hire Denver long distance movers so that the move would be stress-free. They can significantly help you with their efficient moving services. Their services are affordable, accessible, and flexible. And in that way, you will facilitate and speed up your moving day.  

Blue Sushi Sake Grill  

This restaurant is one of the most highly rated in Denver. The restaurant's lively environment makes it the ideal spot to taste some delicious sushi. Also, the fish is always fresh. It has a large selection of family meals and vegetarian dishes, and you can also build your own sushi box, which is not offered by many Japanese restaurants in this city. It is possible to order online whatever dish you want. You must try the Cherry Bomb sushi special at this restaurant. The day of the week - Tuesday, according to the rules of this restaurant, is reserved for vegan and sake. On that day, you can enjoy dishes like vegan Spicy Kaluna, Avo Kaluna, Unami Maki, Cowgirl, and many others. Although not so diverse when it comes to desserts, the chocolate cake compensates for everything with its taste. Japanese food lovers will enjoy staying at this place.

One of the best Japanese restaurants in Denver – Uchi 

This Japanese restaurant is suitable if you want to eat alone. Do you want to eat together with friends? And in that case, going to Uchi is also a good option. It features distinctive presentations and extremely vibrant flavors. This restaurant serves must-try Japanese dishes in Denver. These are dishes like their classics Ham and Eggs roll, Kosho Crudo, Sushi, and many others. This restaurant also offers many types of dishes for vegetarians. In addition to the irresistible food, Uchi offers a wide variety of wines. Happy hour prices are reasonable. The menu is so diverse that you can always try something new and enjoy the amazingness of the taste. All you have to do is to reserve time and enjoy trying new flavors. 

Sushi Den

Sushi Den is considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Denver and in the United States. This restaurant offers top-notch, competent, and welcoming services. They are successful at exceeding the dining needs of their customers. The serving staff can be a great resource for advice on trying new meals. Dishes like sashimi, sushi, and rolls will appeal even to those people who are not favorites of them. Many people who have tried sushi at this restaurant say that it is the best sushi they have ever eaten. In this restaurant, you can also drink a traditional Japanese drink - Sake. The convenient thing is that Sushi Den is open 7 days a week. The staff is particularly pleasant and cultured, and hardly anyone has any problems or complaints regarding their services. Once you try a Japanese dish at this restaurant, you will immediately fall in love.

Sushi Sasha 

It is interesting that the benefits and challenges of Japanese cuisine are innovations - that can always be intensified. Innovation is precisely the main characteristic of Sushi Sasha restaurant. It's the ideal location for an elegant dinner with friends or a professional lunch. If you are indecisive and don't know what to order first, you can always refer to the restaurant's three popular dishes: seaweed salad, sashimi, and Scottish salmon. A fully operational sushi bar goes with the seasonally changing, healthful, lovely, and reasonably priced tasting menu. It boasts a lovely sake, wine, and cocktails list, and you may enjoy it in the comfortable downstairs room. 

Plus, there are many dishes that are gluten-free, and this restaurant has wheelchair access, as well as a private dining room where birthday parties can be organized. Try the Sasa Ramen, one of the restaurant's outstanding noodle dishes, if you have the chance. A delicious flavor is produced by mixing egg noodles with soft eggs, pork belly corn, and bean sprouts. The selection of desserts is also varied. Cheesecakes, ice creams, and lava cakes are among the favorites for guests.

Matsuhisa Denver 

The third location of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa in Colorado state is this sushi restaurant, Matsuhisa Denver. Both the atmosphere and interior design are lovely. This restaurant offers a variety of salads, Matsuhisa signature-style sashimi, various soups, and many other dishes. It is mandatory to enjoy and taste something completely new and different by trying Matsuhisa specialties. Many claims that the sushi here is outstanding, despite the price. Although the prices are a bit higher, it is worth every bite. This restaurant offers some of Denver's signature spicy tuna sushi with crispy rice and more. Another advantage is that if you are not sure what to order from the food, the waiters will always know what to recommend. In this restaurant, whatever you order, after you eat it - you will remain speechless. 

Menya Noodle Bar 

This restaurant brings some of the most extraordinary and mouthwatering cuisines to the Denver area. You may choose from some of the highest-quality sushi in the region when you dine there. Ramen and Poke bowls stand out for their uniqueness. Service is friendly and quick, and the food is phenomenal. Prices are reasonable for each dish. Whatever meal you choose, if you choose it at this restaurant, you cannot go wrong. Portions are generous, and taking that into account, Menya can be a great place if you want to go have lunch with your family. The menu has a ton of options, and you may customize it. 


Many people claim that this restaurant has the best duck ramen they have ever eaten. It's a great place if you want to go on a date, hang out with friends, or grab a bite to eat on your own. They have outdoor seating, which contributes to the overall impression of being in a restaurant, and the abundance of traditional Japanese dishes. The Asian fusion they achieve in this restaurant is unbelievable. The only problem is that you cannot make a reservation over the phone; you have to come in person to make a reservation. But the quality, the texture, and the range of Japanese dishes this restaurant has - make up for it.

To sum up 

Traditional Japanese dishes are not necessarily found only in Japan. Japanese restaurants in Denver are actual proof of that. The rich, extraordinary food taste in these restaurants leaves no one indifferent. Whether you are a fan of sushi or ramen or a vegetarian and eat non-gluten food, there are enough restaurants to satisfy all your requests and desires. Denver is generally known and rich in various cuisines, but the quality of Japanese dishes is genuinely something special. The staff is so approachable, cheerful, and educated about the dishes; you never have to worry about not knowing what you might be eating. Whether you are planning a road trip to Denver, Colorado, or are a resident of this city - embark on an adventure of visiting Japanese restaurants and enjoy the exciting complexity of these dishes.

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