April 07, 2015

We're Turning 3!

We’re celebrating our third birthday here at NoGarlicNoOnions and it feels great...We would like to share this special time with you and the best way we know how is to throw a feast and enjoy some delicious bites from all around. This is our world on a daily basis... Discovering, tasting, drooling, loving and sharing...

No Garlic No Onions by Gilbert Simon & DayDream 2015

Over the last three years we have written over 4000 reviews of restaurants, snack bars, products, food, hotels and locations. We’ve made some great discoveries, like Markouk bread in Hasbaya, Milk cookies in Zahle, Al Daoukieh in Beirut, or Karabij in Wadi Chahrour, and we’ve invited you to join us on our journey around Lebanon and further afield.

So much has happened over the last few years, we’ve expanded, gained more followers and seen our community raise important issues within Lebanon, tell us about their own discoveries and provide great feedback on all sorts of stories we’ve shared. We’ve found the best kitchen appliances and we’ve helped you discover great little gems, be they here in Lebanon, or as far away as Iceland.

Thanks to our readers and fans we’re getting larger and more comprehensive. We started 'Mechwar', a series of short films depicting some of the countries best kept gastronomic secrets and sharing it with viewers. We wanted to bring you more and thus came The Box, which allows people to enjoy the very best food related products in the world, more so from Lebanon, at the comfort of their own living room.  

We’re so excited. The Box contains a collection of wonderful bits and pieces from the best suppliers and we can’t wait for you to discover what it’s all about. We don’t always have the chance to get out and scout around for the best food, so The Box brings it to you every month. It’s a chance to discover the very best in food and produce and we hope you’re as excited as we are. Open her up, lift up the tabs and dig into your own little treasure trove of culinary goodies in your own kitchen.

Finally, I’d just like to say “Thank you”. Thank you for everything, for helping me live my dream and for joining me as I travel all over the place looking for the best of the best. Be it a Sharwarma or a Chateaubriand, I’ll find it and I’ll tell you all about it.

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Wishing you a Happy Easter...