April 21, 2014

We're Two!

With all the time and effort I spend on NoGarlicNoOnions, I often lose track of time. I woke up this morning and thought... My gosh, it's been two years already since I launched this site... two years of good fun, good food, new flavors, original concepts... as well as new countries and cities added to my map... In two years I have met a number of amazingly creative people who have uplifted the image of our country with their culinary and hospitality professionalism,  I have traveled around different cities and discovered new cultures through their food... In two years I have heard and replied to a million messages from readers and dedicated followers, to who I say thank you for your continuous support for what I do... I read all your comments, taken your opinion and advise into consideration and look forward to more... In two years we have won two awards, thanks to you... Best Blog by Time-Out Beirut Readers And the Best Food Blog Awards Goes To NGNO
NoGarlicNoOnions: Best Blog by Time Out Beirut Readers - See more at: http://www.nogarlicnoonions.com/nogarlicnoonions-best-blog-by-time-out-beirut-readers/#sthash.BxRrfb0e.dpuf
In two years over 835 reviews have been written, enjoyed a 100 Tasty Discoveries...... Around 26 countries and more than a 50 different cities visited . So now, let's hit the garlic and onion piñatas and celebrate! Let's see what more flavors and exciting new discoveries will fall out of them in the years to come... 
Thank you for your support





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