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2014: Best Casual Diners in Lebanon


Crepaway's New Menu Finally Out

Yes, finally, after long years of waiting, Crepaway has introduced a new menu. A menu that feels different and unique. A menu with a different standard than the usual diner food we know. Invited to be among the first ones to try it, I couldn’t but notice the changes.

The Lord of the Wings is Back: Very Good Diner Food

My last experience at Lord of the Wings was not the best. I had a burger that was average and a club sandwich that was dry - I left with a bad overall experience. It certainly was not the Lord's quality, but I did want to come back to try their food again.

Chili's: Back on its Feet

My story with Chili's is one of those long ones that started when it first opened, and still continues to date. Ups, downs, enjoyment and disappointments, it sometimes feels like a love relationship... I have always been a huge fan of Chili's, naming it my favorite diner in Lebanon back in 2011 until things changed last year. Chili's seemed to have lost interest in the market, quality dropped drastically, service kind of vanished... It took two reviews until my alarm reached the concerned departments. I went on to enjoy a nice meal and wrote a detailed review with happiness and joy about the come back of Chili's.

Captain Davis: A Successful Concept in the Making

Captain Davis opened a week ago and already this new eatery has created a buzz for itself around town. Enticed by the mouthwatering images I saw on Facebook and Instagram I had to be one of the first people to go down to Sin El Fil and try it. A big yellow sign facing Antoine Library cannot be missed. The beautifully designed logo of Captain Davis will welcome you into a uniquely designed space where good food is served at affordable prices.

Sandwiched... Bewitched by a Sandwich and a Mouthwatering Dessert

It was time I revisited Sandwiched. After a positive encounter in Jounieh, accompanied by my friend, we went to the branch in Antelias, the old detached Lebanese house inspires trust and a sense of cleanliness. Unfortunately for them, the road is being worked on in typical fashion and the road works don't seem to stop. Come here, the food is worth it.

Magnolia Bakery: Much More Than Meets the Eye

I was happy and intrigued at the same time when I discovered that Magnolia Bakery Lebanon was proposing a savory menu in addition to their famous cupcakes and other baked goods. So I headed down to ABC Achrafieh, Magnolia's latest branch to check it all out.

Roadster Diner: It's Always Nice to Enjoy the Classics

At times it gets a bit overwhelming to think of a restaurant to dine. It's not as easy as one would imagine especially that there are so many new places and so many new cuisines out there. Some are good while others are mediocre. Some places are tasty while others leave you disappointed. When you’re hungry, going back to some of your old time favorites is the best and most comforting choice... 

Deek Duke's Enlivening Look at Le Mall, Dbayeh

I have always thought that Deek Duke wouldn't be able to compete with other diners in town. The menu concentrates on chicken based specialties and the name insures this further. But surprisingly, this year Deek Duke has evolved to become one of the popular diners around. Their new look along with a wider menu plays a role in making Deek Duke one of this year's favorites.

LVD: Still Serving Premium Quality Meat & Burgers

After my first visit to LVD I couldn't hide my amazement and appreciation towards this one of a kind diner with a review some criticized as too positive. I wanted what I consider one of my favorite diners just to see if my thoughts are still in place and to prove to others that it is indeed as good as I say it is. I copied the paragraph published on their Facebook page as it is completely honest and true and reflects my opinion completely.

DIVVY: Where Food Sharing is Emphasized…

Here I am, one of the first people to walk into a new restaurant concept in Mar Mikahel. Welcome to DIVVY, Samer Chehlawi's new venture. “Who’s Samer Chehlawi?” I hear some of you asking… the name may ring a bell to a few of you as Chehlaoui was once upon a time a co-owner at Roadster's Diner and is today the owner of a whole new food experience in our country.

Marky’s: Real American Burgers, Hotdogs and Phyllis 

Yes… Back to Marky’s for even more exquisite burgers… It's been a year since my last visit and I really miss what this place has to offer... always something knew to discover. I was in burger heaven when I heard that they have introduced an upscale version of Marky’s popular Poutine alongside five new burgers and that was not all... a piece of homemade baked cheesecake was the cherry on top.

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2014: Best Lebanese Diners in Lebanon