January 25, 2021

Best Dishes to Eat in Baton Rouge

The city and greater area of Baton Rouge are becoming increasingly popular among people looking for a new home. A modern city with many historic buildings represents a perfect mix that people of all ages and cultures love. However, Louisiana’s capital has another great feature that makes it stand out from other places in the area – and that’s the cuisine. As the city is a real melting pot of people and tradition, this also reflects in its food scene. There's so much you can try and make every night out special and unique. So, if you're about to move here, you need to know the best dishes to eat in Baton Rouge. Be prepared so you can start exploring various tastes as soon as you unpack.

Before we start…

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The diverse food scene – best dishes to eat in Baton Rouge

The food scene of Baton Rouge is anything but boring. Apart from exceptional Southern cuisine, the restaurants offer dishes that belong to other cultures as well. This way, you can try some Honduran, Venezuelan, Vietnamese, and many other foods. Baton Rouge residents are not afraid to explore and please their taste buds with a variety of flavors. However, if you're a newcomer and don’t know where to start, this is the guide for you – here are the foods you need to try first.


If you’re a new resident, gumbo is one of those essential foods you must try. It's particularly popular in this area of the country, so you might have never tasted it before.  It's a part of the official state cuisine, too, so it’s natural we’ve included it in this guide. There’s even National Gambo Day, celebrated on October 12. Gumbo is a soup, a stew-like dish that represents the perfect mix of meat and vegetables. There are a couple of varieties, as gumbo is made both from meat and seafood.  You can try gumbo made of chicken, but also crabs and shrimps. The choice usually depends on the season, as seafood is more prevalent in the summer.


When we mention seafood, it's hard to overlook how good oysters are in Baton Rouge. Even though you can eat oysters worldwide, there’s something special about them in this city. It’s one of the favorite dishes among locals, and they eat them in so many different ways. However, if you ask a local what the best time to eat oysters is, they will tell you to do it from September to December. The reason is very simple – this period of the year is when oysters are not spawning, which results in a much better taste. Therefore, if you've scheduled your move for autumn – you know what’s the first dish you should try when you arrive.

Cajun and Creole dishes

Here is another example of how different cultures have met in Baton Rouge and created a unique way of eating here in Louisiana.  These are not the actual dishes, but rather ways of cooking. These two styles come from France, one of the world's top foodie locations. Cajun or ‘country food’ is recognized by smoked, spicy, and stew-like dishes, while Creole cuisine implies traditional gourmet French foods and is often referred to as 'city food.' This cooking style has many influences from all across the world, which makes it so special and unique. Exploring their differences will be an exciting way to get to know the area better after you move.

Don’t miss the crawfish season

Even though you can find this dish all year round, the best time to eat crawfish is in March, April, and May, which is considered the peak of the crawfish season. Crawfish are also called freshwater lobsters and crawdads – either way, we’re talking about a Baton Rouge delicacy that’s a favorite among locals. Louisiana chefs always find new ways to use crawfish in different meals, so you can try them in pies, dressings, soups, gumbos, etc. There are many places to eat these, and some of the most popular are Sammy’s Grill, Crawfish on the Geaux, and Capital City Crawfish and Cajun Specialties.  


The bottom line is – foodies can never be bored in Baton Rouge. The selection of the best dishes to eat in Baton Rouge in this article should only be the start for newcomers. Exploring this food scene will be a fantastic experience, so be ready for some memorable meals. Bon appétit!


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