December 03, 2014 London UK Europe

Brgr.Co Backstage: A Fine Lebanese Burger Opening in London (Restaurant Closed)
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +44 207 920 6480

Address: 127 KING’S ROAD, LONDON, SW3 4PW


Price Range: 10-30 $

I just witnessed the sneak peek for grand opening of Brgr.Co's second branch in London. Yes, Brgr.Co, a purely Lebanese concept, has expanded beyond the borders of our lovely country to take London by storm.


I have already witnessed the hype around the Soho location, a burger shop that's fully loaded all day, all week, but, I had the opportunity, alongside Chef Houssein Hadid and the team, to witness the grand opening of the King's Road branch, which is expected to rock London!

Sunday was the day when the last fine-tuning took place. A bit of attention to the burgers, the sauces, the buns, and here was the first official burger walking out of the kitchen.


Let me take you on a journey, a journey of Burgers, a quality that's close to perfect, a mix of textures and flavors that's even better than the one we have in Lebanon. Using beef from a Scottish breed and brioche buns, I expected to eat well, but not to be amazed...

  • The Butcher Cut: This is the first bite I had in the British capital. A round burger, golden and shiny filled with a thick meat served without any sauce. Grab it with your two hands and approach it to your nose... Take your time, smell, enjoy. Rich aromas of grilled meat will prepare you for the upcoming journey of amazement. A super fluffy bun, a fine crunch of the buttered bread before you reach the meat. A medium rare red, not bloody, meat peppered and salted will out a smile on your face. That's a burger! Meat and bun, nothing else, while the grilled flavors come as an after note to stay around for a couple of minutes. Here I was, prepared for the best, and looking forward to two days of burger enjoyment.


  • The Veggie Burger: It looks mouthwatering. Layers of color make you want to plunge in. The crispy buttered bun, a richness while the vegetables start caressing your teeth. Feel the thickness of the mushrooms, the subtle crunch of the zucchini and eggplant, while the provolone sauce adds the juiciness. Wait, not done yet, the balsamic reduction adds a sweetness making this creation a fine dining experience. 


  • The 8oz, 6oz medium rare and the 4oz followed. The best part of the experience is when you take a bite and press it over your palate. Juice explodes around your palatal buds, and this is what makes a unique.


After passing through the different burgers, we ordered another Butcher's Cut to re-evaluate the differences.

Re-confirming that the Butcher's Cut is simply awesome. No really, the meat, the flavor, the stench, the juiciness, the richness, the meat intensity... Unbelievable! I'm sure this cut is winning an award soon. 

Tasting was done, so let's all meet for the official opening.



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