May 18, 2016 Beirut Central District Beirut Lebanon Middle East A World of Delicatessen in Beirut
Non-smokers friendly
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Phone Number: +961 1 999 739

Address: Beirut Souks, Downtown Beirut, Facing Biel Entrance, Lebanon ( 08AM - 11PM)


Price Range: 10-40 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10

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There's a new .co concept in town... Related to and; serves delicious sandwiches never tasted in Lebanon before - a place that offers unconventional wraps, unusual sandwiches and much more - served inside a tiny yet magical space designed with style.


As I sat down, I felt transported. I felt like I was in New York, sitting in a coffee shop on Broadway, enjoying some jazz music from the sixties, while eating fine Deli food.

Grey is the color and food is the language. An open bar displays the salads and ingredients, drinks and a coffee parlor. I loved the vibes!

delico-deli-co-sandwiches-deli-beirut-souks382016-05-17-09-42-28 serves unique sandwiches with amazing combinations and flavors and the quality is something Beirut should be proud of. Sandwiches are served on a white plate with a side order of pickles and chips.

  • Try the roast beef sandwich; and hear yourself asking... Is this sandwich for real? This is the first time I see and taste something so good in Lebanon. It starts with its superb look that makes your mouth water. An amazing cereal pain de campagne bread that's lightly toasted with a light chewinness filled with layers of sliced meat, rocket leaves, thinly sliced tomatoes, pickles and sauce. Let's start by the least important to the awesome meat. Delicious full bodied sweet pickles, fresh roquette leaves, beautifully thinly sliced tomatoes and the meat; what meat! Juicy as it should be, red like you dream it, tender and as perfect as it should be. And the sauce... Just spill around and smile.


  • And now for the Club... A connoisseur's kind of sandwich where a strong mustard kick leaves a long lasting enjoyable note. Three layers of thick but extremely tender bread hosting slices of wonders. Perfectly cooked eggs, thinly sliced tomatoes, fresh crunchy lettuce, and tender marinated chicken. What a combination, what a mix. Bravo chef.


  • A huge wrap! Two sandwiches generously filled with a mix of shrimps, avocado, shredded lettuce and original cocktail sauce with a hint of spiciness. It's an impressive sandwich! Very very good job.


  • And my heart skipped a beat... The real brisket, the thick brisket sandwich, the smoked meat, the intense pepper, the tender fat, the real mustard... I was melting, smiling - I felt the world stopped turning. More than fifteen layers of meat, the real deal with mustard. Your teeth will pass the bread very quickly and start swagging inside the meat layers. So tender and juicy, they need absolutely no add-on. I'm in love and I mean it. This is the sandwich you don't want to miss.


  • The chicken sandwich. A tender bread, intensely spicy and extremely sweet. A load of crunchy ingredients, good bread but not something I would personally order. A bit childish for me. I didn't like how the chicken is shredded, I'll put less sauce, equilibrate the sweetness and we'll have a sexy sandwich.
  • Open face bagel with avocado and salmon. Chewy Montréal square shaped bagels turned upside down and covered with avocado cream with poppy seeds, smoked salmon decorate them and here you are with something that looks neat and fresh. Good quality bread, full bodied avocado puree and premium quality salmon. 


  • The tuna is different from any tuna I've had before. It looks like a tuna sandwich but includes a load of fresh lettuce, tomatoes and the mix that has a certain zest and juiciness to it. Lovely multi-cereal bread filled with big chunks of tuna cream. Delicious!


  • The cheese sandwich. An American favorite filled with mellting cheese. A sandwich I dream off on a weekly basis. Yellow cheese that has a fifty centimeter long elasticity. Simple yet catchy. It's fun to eat!


Unique sandwiches have made it to Beirut! No need to travel anymore, they're here now and at





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