June 27, 2015 New York USA Americas

Dominique Ansel: I Have Waited So Long... I Finally Tried the Original Cronut!

Phone Number: +1 212-219-2773

Address: 189 Spring St, New York, NY 10012 ( 08AM - 07PM)

Website: http://dominiqueansel.com

Price Range: 10-20 $

It is indeed magical, a bakery with a whole different approach towards pastry making - Dominique Ansel in New York. I couldn’t believe that I was actually at his bakery. I have been following his innovative work since 2012; so coming to New York and visiting his bakery was one of the first things to do while in the Big Apple. 


You have to believe in coincidences and fate sometimes. I was lost and wandering through the streets of New York searching for a signboard or a direction to lead me somewhere, when I looked up and saw a Trip Advisor Logo, then raised my eyes and bang! I was in front of Dominique Ansel! Unbelievable to say the least … and the ‘waiting time’ to get into this renowned pastry shop was beyond what I read about in the net.


Inside you'll find a long corridor, a tight bakery with an open kitchen while customers wait in line to order. Cronuts are prepared by the minute and boxes filled for the hungry clientele.

Enjoy a generous mouthwatering display of delicious bites as well as read more items available on the blackboard. But I knew what I wanted. I wanted to try the original Cronut and also the Chocolate Chip Cookie shot, which unfortunately was sold out.


Excitement was on the rise, while my heart was beating fast. I felt like I was in Disneyland, as I remembered the anticipation felt when I met Mickey Mouse in person at the age of 12. I was getting closer to bite into my dream cake, the real Cronut.


I ordered three things. The famous Cronut, their Kouign Amann and the Frozen S'More.

  • Cold and already melting I started with the S'More. A cubical ice cream dipped in spongy chocolate cake all together embraced with marshmallow torched to perfection.
  • Like an ice cream Popsicle this can't wait to be devoured and should be enjoyed a-la-minute. A warm melting honey marshmallow wrapped around a Tahitian vanilla ice cream with chocolate wafer crisps served in smoked willow branch and smoked to order. Heaven!
  • The DKA: Dominique Kouign Amann: a croissant like pastry that is so crisp and caramelized on the outside with a sticky elastic feel and a tender flaky heart melting like butter. A blend of different viennoiseries all in one... One bite after the other you’ll get addicted to the taste and texture. 

Now came the minute I have been longing for... I was so emotional. 


I have written so much about this and tried the copies in Beirut, and just imagined what the real taste was like… It was time to finally meet the original "Cronut". 

A jewelry box opens up with a heavy thing inside. A round shaped creation that looks like a donut and feels like a croissant, dozens of pastry layers one on top of the other, carefully crafted into a round shape, topped with lemon frosting and stuffed with pastry cream. Sugar on the outside for the crunch, texture and flavor. Oh boy! Lightly chewy, this croissant simply rocks... Tear apart those layers while the sugar tickles your lips and the pastry cream starts flowing in style back to the bottom of your tongue. An explosion of juiciness and finesse while the lemon explodes into a magical taste... 


One bite, another, I wish I could stop... It's not a croissant, it's not a donut, its not sweet and not oily, it's simply love in a box; I wish I could get some with me back home...

I have tasted it; I finally did it, I'm happy to have come here.

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