April 21, 2013 Lebanon Middle East

Chocolate Shawarma, now in Lebanon

Have you ever imagined something called the chocolate shawarma? Instead of the meat or chicken rolled around the rotating cylinder, there' s chocolate... and not just any chocolate - its actually a combination of fine Praline chocolate and everyone's favorite Nutella. The chocolate shawarma unit is different from the normal shawarma rolling unit. Instead of heating  it refrigerates. This new unit features a luxury chocolate shawarma base and choco-pitta baker, which makes a special soft pita in 30 seconds.


Chocolate shavings are taken from the attractive, rotating chocolate shawarma cylinder...  Let your imagination run riot…. Perhaps chopped nuts and ice-cream? Cream and fruit salad – all beautifully topped with chocolate shawarma shavings– make the most incredibly beautiful desserts – you can even dress up your coffees!


The interesting features:

  • Every roll can make up to 500 sandwiches
  • White Praline chocolate, Nutella: hazelnut and milk
  • The crepe spongy dough is simple. It a ready mix - just add water
  • The cocoa butter in its mix melts fast under your teeth

An interesting concept that will be found around town soon.

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