November 15, 2017 Paris France Europe

The Emporio Armani Cafe and Restaurant Paris: It Puts me in a Good Mood!
Non-smokers friendly
Casual Dining

Phone Number: +33-1-45 48 62 15

Address: 149, Boulevard Saint-Germain 75006 Paris


Price Range: 30-60 $

It is a tradition of mine to visit the Armani cafe whenever I travel. From Istanbul to Dubai, Paris, and Milan, coming here is usually a guarantee of delectable food and excellent service. I've been here three times in all and return at least once a year for the risotto and spaghetti cooked the real Italian way.


On a rainy Sunday, it was already three in the afternoon when we arrived at the Armani. The small restaurant was fully occupied, so we had to wait for twenty minutes enjoying seeing the plates land on the tables one after the other. Staff working in a fast and organized way, people happy to be here, families gathering for a Sunday feast, my mouth started watering.

The improvements are evident: from red tables to lighter white designs. More significant portions, a more casual feel. The restaurant has upgraded everything it has. You can browse the previous galleries and check the differences.


Sit on the covered terrace by the sidewalk, grab a table in the main dining hall, or have the chance to dine on the cozy table by the bar. I prefer the terrace where natural light decorates your plates bringing out the rich color in them.

On the menu: antipasti, primi piatti, secondi piatti and dolci. Twenty minutes passed, we were still standing but reading the menu made me want to order everything! Carbonara, risotto Tartufo, ossobuco, veal escalope Milanese, linguini with clams among other heart-warming specialties. Despite the bad experience in New York, I was sure that the Paris version of Armani is still one of the best after my experience in Milano. 

Next, to the cashier, have a look at the cakes. A selection of mini cakes, beautifully decorated and waiting to be devoured. The fog tart, Mont Blanc, and Paris Brest caught my attention. 


The menu has changed, the presentation of the plates has changed, the quantity of food on the plates has increased and the staff have become more welcoming. I always loved it and now have fallen in love with it even more. Let’s eat! They have two menus, the cafe, and restaurant; at the cafe expect fewer choices but the same great taste.

I felt happy, relaxed and transported... the head waiter acts, speaks and handles the floor in a very professional way; his name is David.

The food is great!

  • A fresh tartar of marinated sea bass with lemon sauce. As sharp as it should be, a simple plate.
  • A rectangular pizza with thick, chewy borders and a thin crunchy crust covered with a great Italian tomato sauce and melted cheese. It’s a different kind of pizza; it feels different, especially the acidity of the tomato sauce and the crunchiness of the crust which feels like a focaccia. Add olive oil and double your pleasure.
  • Mini burrata with tomatoes and tomatoes fondue. A creamy burrata beautifully marinated in its sauce and ready to amaze.
  • The carbonara is outstanding! Superbly cooked pasta, crunchy bacon, intensely peppery egg yolk sauce! It’s so finger-licking good, the world of a master!
  • The spaghetti pomodoro can’t be missed. The sauce is so intensely acidic and the pasta so well cooked you’ll feel the love of Italian home cooking. The guys in the kitchen here are masters.


A story to tell: I asked for my pasta without garlic, insisted upon it to the waiter, but unfortunately the chef forgot. You can’t imagine what happened... how many waiters ran to fix the issue, the jokes, the apologies... the manager even insisted that this should be done the way I ask for it; “If the chef doesn’t know how to do it without garlic, it’s better he finds another job!”. I’m amazed by the quality of service and attention at the Armani. I’ve been here several times but never felt so good. The Bottarga and mussels spaghetti is to die for. With garlic they only taste garlic, without they feel pure and moreish; I fell in love!

Not ordering desserts, but because my plate had garlic in it, we were offered a complementary Tiramisu! So thick, creamy but firm, enjoyable sweet and aromatic, the Tiramisu is memorable!


A fantastic experience I’ll certainly recommend to all my friends. I loved everything about today’s experience, and will be making sure to come back on my next trip. The Emporio Armani Cafe is a must try when visiting the French capital; excellent Italian cuisine and excellent service.

Suitable For: Casual Dining





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