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18 Food Stops to Discover in Athens, Greece: Reviews, Photos and Video

Traveling to Athens, where to go, what to eat, what to do! My Favorite 18 places to eat an enjoyable meal.

Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomic Center: A Must Visit in Athens

After enjoying a unique experience at Ergon, I went online searching for a similar experience and found Yoleni’s. Yoleni’s is a supermarket, training center, tasting academy and restaurant. Serving local and international specialties, Yoleni’s welcomes you for coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After taking a tour around the premises, I settled on the first floor for dinner.


Stani: Traditional Greek Yogurt Since 1931

Famous since 1931, Stani is where you can have a traditional Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts. Old on all fronts, decor, and menu, the place is not your fancy restaurant but more of a cafe for a quick taste of the local traditions.


-14 Ice Cream: Delicious Refreshing Treat in Athens

It’s good ice cream in Athens. Actually, I noticed that almost all ice cream parlors are good, inspired by Italian gelato. One of several stops I’ve tried in the Greek capital, I’d give -14 a try if I were you.


Choux Choux Gelateria: Exquisite Ice Cream Profiterole

Two years ago, I made a point to visit every eclair and choux place around the planet passing by Paris, London, Beirut, New York, and Bucharest. Some are good, others less, but what I can say after this tour is that I know how a choux should be done. Tender, not crunchy, not stale, not thick and loaded with a creamy crème pâtissière that’s not sweet and not gooey. I can add Athens to my list, “Choux Choux” creates mouthwatering giant choux à la crème I fell in love with. The profiterole cup made my heart skip a beat. I’ve never enjoyed anything as good! Ice cream on top, crunchy choux crumbles on the bottom, chocolate custard cream topping... it’s so yummy!!!


iFeel: Breakfast and Eggs Florentine in Athens

Searching for the best breakfast spots in Athens, Trip Advisor led me to iFeel. A good rating in a restaurant loaded with people; I was lucky to find the last table available. Brunch is served every day from eight in the morning until six at night. Sunnyside up eggs, hotdog, egg white omelet, eggs Benedict, croque-madame, waffle with chocolate, poached eggs, brioche toast; club sandwich and pancakes, to name a few.


Taqueria Maya: One of the Best Mexican Eats of Athens

A was craving a Mexican lunch... With a high rating on google maps, Taqueria Maya was an obvious choice! Tacos, burrito, nachos and salads, the street food restaurant served casual food with no complication. Order at the bar, see your food being prepared and sit to enjoy. Despite not having any Mexican employee around, the restaurant feels Mexican.


Happy Blender: Açaí and Pitaya Bowls in Athens

I couldn’t believe my eyes! I found Pitaya and Açaí bowls in Athens. My dream bowls which I discovered two years ago in New York have made it to this part of the world. I simply love them, the flavor, the mix of fruits and health benefits. Exactly a copy of the American concepts “Pure Green” and “Juice Generation”, “Happy Blender” is indeed a happy place serving bowls of happiness.


Royal Greek Souvlaki Ermou: Pita Sandwiches in Athens

Four skewers rolling on the lower floor, air-conditioned seating in the upper floor, Royal Souvlaki seems to be a renowned destination for local traditional food. Filming a movie about Athens, the restaurant caught my attention so I took the stairs for in-house dining. Nice music, a fresh breathe of air, positive vibes, and fast waiters.


Montakiou: Start Your Day with Premium Coffee and Unconventional Sandwiches in Athens

A great choice! Found on google maps, I walked directly to Montakiou which turned out to be one of the best coffee makers in Athens. Using the best brands out there, they grind coffee a-la-minute and serve delicious sandwiches. Their moto: “The Same as Sandwich” which I translated as having the best sandwiches ever.


Zampano: My Favorite Breakfast Stop in Athens

It’s like one of those Paris or New York spots renowned for breakfast and brunch. The vibe is different from anything else I experienced the last two days, the mood and the menu. Music, high ceiling, pleasant lighting, and a varied menu of creative choices; Zompano has it all.


Zuccherino: I Literally Screamed from Joy!

Famous for their chocolate soup, Zuccherino is one of those places you have to visit when in Athens. Chocolate in a bowl, Millefeuille cake, and ruby chocolate ball were the three cravings I ordered despite the large display of ice creams that will make your mouth water.


Just Pita: Trying Kontosouvli for the First Time

I was hungry and the choices were not many; at walking distance, a couple of hundred meters from the hotel,  Just Pita welcomes late-night visitors. With an aim to try as many local dishes as possible, I started with the waiter’s recommendation: something called “Kontosouvli skewer”. One kilogram -a giant Souvlaki- of pork meat served with fries, bread, tomatoes, and four sauces. A subtle crunch on the outside; juicy and tender on the inside, the pork is not chewy and not hard textured. Can feed up to four persons, the skewer is huge!


Ergon Athens: A Dream Place for Foodies. Beautiful Decor and Delicious Food

It’s marvelous! A dream place, a haven I dream of owning. A foodie gourmet hub I hope one day will open in Beirut. It’s so fresh, happy and vibrant... enter into a little paradise decorated with green walls, paintings and a display of fresh vegetables — your unconventional supermarket where food is served from available arrivals. Music, setup, and decor, I felt transported!


Pax Burgers: A Tasty Burger in Athens

After eating five pita sandwiches around the city, I needed a change! How about having a burger. Pax won the third price in the burger festival. American inspired place, industrial and colorful, I enjoyed the mood from the minute I walked in. Orange, blue, red and many English written quotes to attract tourists -non Greek-speaking. Dining English description is important since many restaurants don’t even care about tourists.


Pame Tsipouro, Pame Kafenio

Beautiful, the restaurant is simply beautiful and magical. Colors, fresh vibes, and everything to make you want to stay for long. We were simply passing, ended up having fries, fried zucchini chips and a beer. Treated with professionalism, I will recommend this restaurant to my friends visiting Athens.


Ta Karamanlidika: Cold Cuts and Cheeses in Athens

Cold cut and cheese with a selection of local specialties, the restaurant is famous and part of several Top10 lists. Unfortunately, the service is slow and not too welcoming. I’ve been here, done that and now back for the memorable pastrami and exquisite grapevine leaves.


Ithaki: A Gourmet Stopover in Athens

Amazing from start to end, a superb view, an enchanting setup, perfect service with great attention to detail... the food is outstanding! Ithaki Athens left me speechless, a restaurant which deserves a Michelin star.


Le Greche: A Good Gelateria in Athens

In Athens, there's a shop that sells real gelato, enjoyable to the last mouthful. Classy and inviting, this Gelateria can compete easily with the ones in Italy. The ice cream is portioned up with a spatula to decorate a small yet crunchy biscuit cone. A generous portion from any of the dozen flavors of which I remember: five sorbets choices; figs and mascarpone and Valhrona chocolate among others. The place feels Italian and I can safely say after visiting fifteen different gelato parlors in Rome last week that this one is really good.







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